Webb School of Knoxville
Webb School of Knoxville

The Spartan Campaign for Webb School

For more than 60 years, Webb School of Knoxville has stood as a pillar of excellence in education. We are proud to have realized our founder Robert Webb’s vision: to start a school that educates young people in extraordinary ways and inspires and nurtures the full potential of each individual.

As we look to our future, it is important that we remain extraordinary in all of our endeavors. Now is the time to reimagine how a college preparatory experience prepares students to be future leaders of character. Now is the time to reimagine the programs, resources and buildings that facilitate extraordinary outcomes. Now is the time for Webb’s reimagining EXTRAORDINARY campaign.

With your support, we will reimagine:

• What a tailored experience looks like for every student through comprehensive Learning Resource Centers that support and inspire learners at every level, in every division.

• How we best prepare students in the 21st century through a Middle School Innovation Center; offering cutting-edge facilities that integrate engineering and robotics, and promote learning and collaboration.  

• How an Upper School Learning Commons will engage students and teachers, and promote higher learning and advanced research.

• A more intentional “front door” to Webb’s campus that celebrates our history and welcomes prospective families and others in spaces that represent our commitment to excellence.


“This is how we are reimagining extraordinary today.” – Michael McBrien

Middle School Innovation Center

Providing hands-on experience in learning environments that promote 21st century learning skills.

• Science Lab to promote the integration of robotics, programming and engineering into the Middle School curriculum.

• Innovation Studio to promote creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and team-based learning.

• Robotics Studio for Middle and Upper School students to prepare for annual competitions.

• Maker-space to foster creative thinking, problem solving, cross-curricular, team-based learning, and design-thinking projects.

• Research Library to support Middle School curriculum.

• Professional broadcasting studio capable of live production and editing.

Upper School Learning Commons

Creating intentional spaces that promote learning and academics for all levels of learners.

• Expanded and enhanced learning spaces for students utilizing the Learning Resource program.

• Testing space to support different learning styles.

• Thoughtful workspaces created to support opportunities for advanced study and unique exploration of research projects.

• Incorporation of the Writing Center and Math Lab.

• Research Library to enrich the Upper School curriculum.

• Creation rooms for collaboration, entrepreneurial projects and innovative design-thinking experiences.

• Virtual reality capabilities.

Central Building

Providing a sense of feeling welcomed, highlights of our history, and excitement about our future for prospective families.

• Intentional and welcoming suites for Admissions, Development, Alumni Affairs, and the President.

• Flexible space for seminars, lectures, large gatherings, and meetings.

• Entrepreneurial rooms to support Entrepreneur-in-Residence, student projects and design-thinking enterprises.

Academic Achievement

Serving the academic needs of all levels of learners in each division of the school.

• Addition of intentional space for Lower School Learning Resource program.

• Redesigned Middle School Learning Resource Center space to promote the tailored experience and differentiated instruction.

• New and enhanced Learning Resource support for the Upper School.

• Student-centered testing and study areas.

• On-site tutor and educational consultant space.

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