Webb School of Knoxville
Webb School of Knoxville

Tell Me Something Good

There are so many good people that make the Webb community such a great place to be. And those good people are doing good things everyday like it's NBD (no big deal). These little inspirations, connections, touch-points are what make Webb so special. I'm asking students, faculty, staff and parents to please share their stories with me so I can better tell the story of our beloved school.

Is there a teacher who has inspired you? Encouraged you? Made you excited about learning? Has been your biggest cheerleader? Helped you understand something that you couldn't figure out on your own? Makes you want to be in their classroom?

Is there a coworker who is killing it in the classroom? Is a great sounding board for ideas when you're running low? Inspires their students? Creates connections that resonate with students long after the lesson? Challenges their students in unique ways? Is training for a marathon/race/degree? Has an awesome hobby that they share with students?

Is there a student who brings their A game to class everyday? Is helpful to other students and teachers? Keeps a low profile but works really hard and puts in a lot of effort? An excellent hype-person? Is super passionate about something? Has some hidden talent? Excels in something outside of school? Is a unifier? Is relentlessly pursuing their goals? Shines bright like a diamond?

So, tell me something good that makes Webb GREAT!

Thank you!

Alise Kowalski
Webb Social Media and Communications


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