Upper School Chemistry Instructor

Webb School of Knoxville’s Upper School seeks an experienced and dynamic chemistry teacher to teach four sections of upper school chemistry at the introductory and AP level starting in the 2018-2019 school year. The ideal candidate should be an expert in both the field of chemistry and the craft of teaching. He or she should be fully capable of taking the lead role with respect to the upper school chemistry program, from refinement of curriculum to management of physical spaces. Webb School’s students are eager and motivated learners, and the science courses are based upon frequent laboratory experiences, so candidates should be able to design and conduct laboratory activities, teach with an engaging classroom style, and appeal to the learning styles of a diverse and extremely talented group of young men and women. In addition, he or she should also have a desire to participate enthusiastically in the various activities that occur outside of the classroom in an independent school community.

  • Teaching four sections of chemistry in the upper school, including AP Chemistry
  • Taking a leadership role with respect to the upper school chemistry curriculum and lab program
  • Helping manage the chemistry labs and storage spaces, which includes maintaining equipment, procuring supplies, managing chemical inventory, and establishing and enforcing safety procedures
  • Serving as an Advisor to a small group of students
  • Contributing to the broader community by participating in the life of the school outside of the classroom.
Experience / Qualifications & Skills
  • A bachelor’s degree in chemistry is required; an advanced degree is preferred.
  • Two or more years of teaching high school chemistry and AP Chemistry
  • Knowledge of differentiated instruction
  • Fluency with a variety of technology tools to advance learning
  • Passion for subject matter and for working with young people and colleagues
Qualified applicants should email a cover letter and resume to:

Matthew Macdonald
Head of Upper School
Webb School of Knoxville