College Counselor

Job Description
Webb School of Knoxville seeks a college counselor to join the current College Counseling team which is comprised of two college counselors and an office coordinator. The counselor will work with a reduced load of junior and senior students, and serve as the key staff member in the implementation of our new College Counseling program, “Pathways.” Pathways is an intentional program designed to assist eighth, ninth, and tenth grade students and their families as they begin the college preparation process.
  1. Counsel a reduced load of junior and senior students regarding all aspects of the college search process.
    • Advise students about the college admissions process.
    • Complete and submit all documents related to the college admission process, including writing letters of recommendation.
    • Assist in preparing and presenting programs regarding the college process to students and parents.
    • Visit colleges in order to become knowledgeable about potential options for Webb students and to promote Webb School of Knoxville to college admissions staff.

  2. Develop and implement programming for middle school and early high school (freshman and sophomore) students to educate them about the college process. Programming would include,but not be limited to:
    • Working with middle school staff and administration to implement individual and group programming for students regarding early awareness of college and college preparation.
    • Parent education regarding aspects of the college process including academic expectations for college, factors considered by colleges, timeline for the college search, financial aid and anticipating and planning for the cost of college, standardized testing, and non-academic factors related to college admission.
    • Implement a college advisory plan beginning in the eighth grade. The College Counselor will work with middle school administration to train appropriate middle school staff as well as freshman and sophomore advisors regarding how to advise students about how colleges evaluate academics, and develop a multi-year course curriculum plan for each student that builds upon the breadth and depth of the college preparatory curriculum in order to maximize the college opportunities appropriate for each student.
    • Counsel students regarding the college preparation process.

  3. Coordinate college financial aid programming including family education programs regarding both need and merit-based aid, and monitoring institutional aid offerings including the types and level of aid offered by different colleges.

  4. Coordinate strategy for college counseling communications at all grade levels, developing and implementing a communications plan in conjunction with the College Counseling Coordinator that accounts for how to best communicate with parents, students, alumni and other constituents of the Webb community, and incorporating the best strategies for use of social media and other communication tools in the college planning and communication process.
Required Skills and Background
  • Experience in college counseling at the high school level and/or in college admissions.
  • Experience in developing programming for the college preparation and admissions process.
  • Bachelors Degree Required.
  • Masters Degree Preferred.

Preferred Skills and Background
  • Strong demonstrated oral and written communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
  • Knowledge of college financial aid programs.
  • Ability to relate to younger students (middle school and high school).
  • Ability to relate to parents.
  • Ability to collaborate with school staff and administration.
  • Familiarity in working with communications and social media.
Please send cover letter, resume, and names and contact information of three references to:
Lyn Meske
President’s Assistant