Life @ Webb

Extracurricular Activities

The Webb School experience embodies more than outstanding academics. Our students actively participate and take on leadership roles in extracurricular activities, community service, athletics, the arts, international programs and more.

Webb School Clubs and Activities

The Webb School experience extends far beyond the confines of a classroom and continues well after the school day ends. Extracurricular activities are part of our co-curricular program, expanding and enriching student learning. Students are encouraged to embrace their curiosity, take risks, and pursue their unique interests. Led by faculty members, our clubs and activities also enable students to see their teachers in a different light . . . as individuals with outside talents and interests to share.

Upper School Clubs

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  • Asian Club

    SPONSOR: Ms. Cindy Chang
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: Promote knowledge and integration of other cultures. During different times throughout the year the Asian Club will plan events that will be open for any students to participate in. These events will show Asian culture through food, movies and or other aspects of Asian countries.
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Once a month.
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: Room #231 in the International Center
  • Ceres Club

    SPONSOR: Dr. Cindy Meyer
  • Climbing Team

    SPONSOR: Mr. Schmid
  • Creative Writing

    SPONSOR: Ms. Maggie Bouldin
  • Current Events

    SPONSORS: Mr. Jared Ziegler & Ms. Amanda Rowcliffe
  • Debate Club

    SPONSORS: Ms. Amanda Rowcliffe & Mr. Elli Shellist
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: Debate Club engages participants in various topics chosen be students and can range from issues such as cyber bullying to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We have two to three debates in the International Center in front of an audience of peers and teacher (up to 70) and two debates in Chapel in front of the Upper School. Students learn to research the topics, prepare persuasive arguments, practice cross examinations, and work as a team to present their side. We encourage the juniors and seniors to take leadership roles by choosing topics, preparing their side, coaching inexperienced debaters and more.
    The club has grown to be quite popular with an average of 20 active participants.
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Over the course of the year, the club probably meets once per week. But in preparation for a debate, meetings can happen more frequently.
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: Ms. Rowcliffe’s classroom as a whole club. Once sides are chosen, Mr. Heiser oversees one side and Ms. Rowcliffe, the other. We meet during 2nd AP and sometimes through the entire lunch period, particularly on days when we debate.
  • Environmental Club

    SPONSOR: Mrs. Meg Crawford
  • F.C.A.

    SPONSOR: Mrs. Shelley Collier
    MAIN OBJECTIVE(S): To provide opportunities for student-athletes to understand the power of spiritually through Christ in their life. It is a non-denominational ministry.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: Student-athletes coming together to sing and hear testimonies from outside speakers. They are typically athletes and coaches at the university level. As well, ministries from other area churches. In addition, former Webb student-athletes return to speak to the current members.
    MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: Open to all students.
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Usually once or twice a month on Friday during lunch. Club officers usually meet to plan for the meeting on Mondays prior to the Friday meeting.
  • Film Club

    SPONSOR: Mrs. Julieanne Foy
  • Fly Fishing Club

    SPONSORS: Mr. Kenneth Atwood & Mr. Stan Atkins
    • Organize fishing trips
    • Casting clinics
    • Invite guest instructors, speakers, master fly-tyers and other guests
    • Fly tying demonstrations
    • Casting contests
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Every Friday during trout season (and good weather)
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: Mr. Atwood’s room (IC 225). During casting clinics, we meet by the clock tower.
    Our credo: Da homini piscem et unum diem edet. Doce homini piscari et in perpetuum edet.
  • French Club

    SPONSOR: Ms. Meredith Peccolo
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: The club meets to take advantage of cultural offerings in the area in addition to promoting the French language and francophone culture at Webb. The French Club provides students who are interested in the French language and francophone cultures an opportunity to get together to share their interests. As a club, we enjoy French foods, music, and movies. The club helps promote National French week as well as other important francophone holidays. This past year, we start a "CANnes Film Festival," with the proceeds (money and canned goods) going to the Second Harvest Food Drive.
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: once a month
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: Room 232 in the International Center
    STUDENT LEADERS: We hold officer elections in the Fall for a President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer.
  • G.S.A.

    SPONSOR: Ms. Amanda Rowcliffe
  • Girls Who Lead

    SPONSOR: Cassidy Britt

    DESCRIPTION: Girls Who Lead is a group meant to empower and educate Webb’s young women to pursue leadership roles, advocate for themselves and others, and discuss women’s issues at home and around the world.
  • Harry Potter Club

    SPONSOR: Ms. Maggie Bouldin
  • Interact Club

    SPONSOR: Mrs. Liz Gregor
    MAIN OBJECTIVE(S): Interact clubs complete at least two community service projects, one of which furthers international understanding and goodwill. Through these efforts, Interact students develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of: developing leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others, understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work and advancing international understanding and goodwill.
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: We do at least two local projects in the Knoxville community (such as Flu Shot Saturday; meeting with refugee teenagers in an after-school program; an inner city schoolclean-up in February); and at least two projects with an international goal (Indian Dinner; Hungarian orphanage; and helping support an Indian slum school) 
    MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: $10 dues for returnees and $15 for newcomers (due in Sept)
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Twice a month
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: International Center during 2nd AP on Mondays.
  • Journalism Club

    SPONSOR: Mr. Aaron Johnson
  • Latin Club

    SPONSOR: Mrs. Jenny Fields
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: Latin Club’s purpose is to promote students’ interest in the Latin language and develop students’ leadership skills through related activities. Designed to meet each month outside of class time, the club plans to watch Latin-related movies, have gladiator fights, eat Roman meals, wear Roman costumes, and anything else, whether service-oriented or educational, which fits in with the purpose of the organization. The club shares its membership with the National Junior Classical League and the Tennessee Junior Classical League. As a result, students are eligible to attend conventions, win scholarships, and become members of the National Latin Honor Society.
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: once a month
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: Once a month at school, at restaurants, or at student homes
  • Literary Club

    SPONSOR: Mr. Scott Hammer
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: The Literary Club is where students whose appetite for literature cannot be fully satiated by their English classes can meet to discuss prose and poetry, watch movies based on works of literature, and even go to the occasional poetry reading or Shakespeare play. The club has also been known to participate in service projects benefitting literacy advocacy groups and public libraries.
    STUDENT LEADERS: Every student in the Literary Club is a leader among men!
  • Math Team

    SPONSOR: Mrs. Margaret Ritchie

    BRIEF DESCRIPTION: The Math Team is an organization that encourages student interest in mathematics, puzzles, and logic games.  The club both enriches and supplements what students are learning in their current math courses.  Students will also spend time solving problems from past area math competitions and learn the methods behind the solutions.   Students have the opportunity to participate in several on campus contests math as well as two contests at the University of Tennessee.

    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Friday during 2nd AP in Mrs. Ritchite's classroom.
  • Model UN

    SPONSOR: Mrs. Rachel Tinker
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: Model UN is a unique experience for students interested in world affairs. Groups of students choose a country to represent and then complete a series of research elements and position papers in order to form a resolution regarding their country on a global scale. Students present their research and resolution at a state-wide Model UN conference every November.

    : Model UN meets several times a month until the weekend conference in November. 

    : Model UN generally meets during lunch in Mrs. Tinker’s room. Occasionally, participants will meet in the computer lab to work on research and writing.
  • Mu Alpha Theta

    SPONSOR: Margaret Ritchie

    DESCRIPTION: Mu Alpha Theta is a National Mathematics Honor Society dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics.  As part of their membership, students will organize and participate in a peer-tutoring program.  Students are selected from the junior and senior classes based on their efforts in reaching a level of excellence in mathematics as well as outstanding performance as demonstrated in their coursework. 

    STUDENT LEADERS: Zac Strickland-President, Helen Bonnyman-Vice President, Kasper Gammeltoft-Secretary, Sanchit Wadhawan-Treasurer

    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS:  Called as needed.
  • Open Games

    SPONSOR: Mr. Patrick McCray
  • Outdoor Club

    SPONSOR: Mr. John Schmid
  • Peer Advisors

    SPONSOR: Ms. Alex Ardison
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: The purpose of the peer counseling program is to promote the health, well-being and safety of students through peer education and referral. This program trains a select cross-section of students to act as helpers and active listeners for their fellow students. Students may apply to be Peer Advisors in the Fall of the sophomore or junior year.
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: Freshman Institute Room during lunch
    STUDENT LEADERS: All members play a leadership role.
  • Photography Club

    SPONSORS: Mrs. Sharon Mann & Ms. Adelajda Zareba
  • Pierian

    SPONSOR: Mr. Scott Hammer
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: Pierian is the Upper School literary and arts magazine. Members of the staff select, edit and lay out student work.
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Once per month, until the fourth quarter when the meetings are at least weekly.
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: Meetings will occur in the Writing Center once a month during the second semester.
  • Robotics Team

    SPONSORS: Mrs. Jenifer Lawrie & Ms. Heather Hillesheim
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: The primary activity of the team is to design and build a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). We also design and build smaller robots and prototype mechanisms of various kinds.
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Build season (6 weeks starting first Saturday in January): 7 days a week. The rest of the academic year: twice a week. Summer: occasional.
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: Robotics Lab. After school. Saturdays and Sundays.
  • S.A.D.D.

    SPONSOR: Mr. Elli Shellist
  • Scholar's Bowl Team

    SPONSORS: Ms. Brie Coyle
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: The Scholars’ Bowl is our academic team. We compete in tournaments locally and regionally. The PBS Scholars’ Bowl Tournament is the most visible tournament we attend, but is perhaps least indicative of true academic competition. Most tournaments are day-long affairs where 30-40 teams compete. Students participating in Scholars’ Bowl might be general-knowledge scholars or might have a particular interest and knowledge of a specific area of study. We are developing both a Varsity team (juniors and seniors) and a JV team (freshmen and sophomores).
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: We typically meet once or twice a week during the tournament season, which ends in March. In the late spring, we may meet every other week for Spring Training.
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: We meet in Mr. Gilbert’s room during AP. Days vary to allow for labs and other clubs.
  • Science Bowl Team

    SPONSOR: Mr. Jason Abercrombie

    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: From this activity is generated one or two teams (dependent upon student involvement and allowable teams for regional competition) to compete in the Regional Science Bowl.
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Early in the year, our meetings are sporadic. We will generally meet twice per month. As the competition approaches, we meet 2 to 3 times per week.
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: 1st AP (sometimes both 1st & 2nd) in room 123
  • Science Olympiad

    SPONSORS: Mrs. Julia Norman & Ms. Brie Coyle
  • Spanish Club

    SPONSOR: Mrs. Alessadra Mitchell
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB: The Spanish Club is an organization that encompasses a diverse group of enthusiasts of the Spanish language and cultures. As an organization, we strive to improve our language skills and cultural understanding. We participate in numerous activities, including lunches, conversational dinners and celebrations of various Spanish and Latin American festivals and holidays. Our goal on campus is to bring awareness and appreciation of the Spanish speaking cultures to Webb while expanding our own interests.
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Every other week (Fridays)
  • The W.O.W. Network

    SPONSOR: Mr. Doug Bright
  • Tri-M Music Honor Society

    SPONSORS: Mrs. Julie Stout, Mrs. Bethany Cantrell, Mrs. Jean Helbig, and Ms. LeAnne Johnson
    MAIN OBJECTIVES: “The purpose of this organization is to inspire music participation, create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, and promote leadership in the music students of secondary schools”
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY: Membership in Tri-M will include regular meetings of the organization
    Local Activities include, and are not limited to:
    • Chapter Projects – Service projects that fulfill a need within the school or community, have support of administration and faculty, and are appropriate and educationally defensible, and are well-planned, organized and executed.
    • Member Projects – An Individual leadership project to be completed within the school year.
    • Publicity – Each chapter shall publicize any projects in a positive manner through local, state, and national media where appropriate.
    Membership Information:
    Candidates for membership are selected by the advisors of Tri-M. A written notice is given to students and their parents.
    Tri-M is opened to all Juniors and Seniors who:
    1. Have completed two years in a performing arts class, OR have pursued advanced instruction, or who have participated in the performing arts outside the classroom, AND
    2. Are currently enrolled in an advanced music class with a minimum “B” average,
    3. Shows leadership, service, and character.
    4. Seniors who are in their third year of a performing arts class are also qualified.
    Will be decided by the leadership of the group.
    Additional Information:
    “Selection into Tri-M is an honor bestowed upon a student as a privilege, not a right.”
    The Tri-M Music Honor Society is under the sponsorship of MENC (Music Educator’s National Conference) – the national association for music educators.

  • Ultimate Frisbee Club

    SPONSOR: Mr. John Tatgenhorst
    BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY/CLUB:Ultimate is a club that meets once a week from 4 to 5 p.m. in the fall and is open to any Upper School student of any skill level. A non-contact, fast-moving team sport played on one of our soccer fields, Ultimate players referee their own games. Club members are not required to show up for every game—teams are created according to who is there on any given week.
    FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Once per week in the fall
    MEETING PLACE AND TIMES OF MEETINGS: Soccer field behind the library/cafeteria from 4 to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays
  • Youth in Government

    SPONSOR: Mr. John Schmid
  • Zentangle Club

    SPONSOR: Mr. Brad Cantrell

Middle School Activities

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  • “Challenge of the Classics” Book Club

    INSTRUCTOR: Carol Hill
    GRADES: 6-8
    Members of the "Challenge of the Classics" or C2 Book Club read a variety of new and old books. Students from all three grades learn to appreciate different perspectives and build friendships. As each book is discussed, members enjoy a lunch that ties in, as much as possible, with that particular book. At the end of the year, students receive a gift book to read for the summer.
  • Chess Club

    INSTRUCTOR: Leonard Dickerson
    GRADES: 6-8
    Chess Club is led by Leonard Dickerson, Tennessee Chess Master. Students have the opportunity to participate in regional and state chess tournaments as individuals or part of Webb School teams.
  • The W.O.W. Network

    INSTRUCTOR: Doug Bright
  • Webb Robotics Club

    INSTRUCTOR: Miller Callaway
    GRADES: 7-9, 4-6
    The Webb Robotics Club for seventh through ninth graders is registered as a FIRST Tech Challenge team that competes annually. Members are mentored by the Webb high school FIRST Robotics team.
    The Webb Robotics club for fourth through sixth graders is registered as a FIRST LEGO League team that competes in the FLL East Tennessee Qualifier. If the team qualifies, it advances to the East Tennessee State Championship.

Lower School Activities

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  • Alpha Strings

    INSTRUCTOR: Bethany Cantrell
    This club is for the brand new string orchestra adventurer! Students learn to play the violin, viola or cello with other students interested in exploring the world of string playing. Students will also showcase their skills in concerts for their peers and parents at different points throughout the year.
  • Beginning Yoga

    INSTRUCTOR: Elizabeth Cantrell
    What do Upward Facing Dog, Tree, Warrior, Airplane, and Frog have in common? They are beginning yoga poses that students can practice in Mrs. Cantrell’s yoga club. Experience stretching and movement exercises while having fun learning yoga.
  • Chess

    INSTRUCTOR: Leonard Dickerson
    This club offers instruction from Leonard Dickerson, Tennessee Chess Master, as well as a chance to play a competitive game. The focus is to teach beginners the basics and offer the higher rated players a chance to improve their game and to play the ever popular “bughouse chess.”
  • Crafty Afty

    INSTRUCTORS: Caroline Baker & Kerry Hamilton
    Club members will work on designing and decorating a seven-foot tree for Fantasy of Trees. Join us and craft for a cause!
  • Cupcake Club

    INSTRUCTORS: Christen Mayes & Sarah Stapleton
    Calling all cupcake lovers! Add a little sweetness to your day and create sweet treats that you get to eat!
  • Dynamite Strings

    INSTRUCTOR: Bethany Cantrell
    This club is for the string orchestra student who has had some experience playing the violin, viola or cello. The basics and fundamentals of string playing are at the core of our practice, but we also focus on developing our musicianship through fun songs and practice. Students will showcase their skills in concerts for their peers and parents at different points throughout the year.
  • Go Green

    INSTRUCTOR: Elizabeth Cantrell
    Go Green is for the Lower School’s first trimester recycle team. Students meet each Friday morning for schoolwide recycling.
  • HARE (Homework-Achievement-Reinforcement-Enrichment)

    INSTRUCTOR: Lauren Leonard & Matt Lauer
    Do you have difficulty finding time to do your homework? Would you like to ask a teacher questions about homework? Could you use some extra practice to reinforce what you’re learning, or would you like additional challenges to further your learning? HARE will help with all those needs and more.
  • Homework Helpers

    INSTRUCTORS: Cynthia Steverson & Jeanna Jarmon
    Homework Helpers is a one-hour opportunity for students to complete their homework. It offers a quiet environment that allows one-on-one teacher assistance for all club members.
  • Mandarin

    INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Cindy Chang
    Do you enjoy speaking a different language or would you like to try a different language? Join the Mandarin Club to explore the Mandarin Chinese language. Advanced instruction is also offered.
  • Math Olympiad

    INSTRUCTOR: Amanda Lee
    Develop strategies in solving complex mathematical word problems and challenges. This club is a yearlong commitment and competes in five mathematical contests that are submitted to the Mathematical Olympiad organization.
  • Nature Explorers Club

    INSTRUCTOR: Lisa Davis
    Members of the Nature Explorers Cub spend their time outside in the forests and fields on campus, exploring and learning about the plants and animals that live there. Students walk, explore, observe, play, and learn about nature together.
  • Robotics

    INSTRUCTOR: Miller Callaway
    Do you like building things with Lego? Do you like to work together on a team? If
    the answer is “yes,” you need to join the Robotics Club! Students work in small teams to design and create a LEGO robot.
  • Sewing Circle

    INSTRUCTOR: Evelyn Albright
    Students learn to hand sew through various stitches – over stitch and straight stitch – along with learning to cross-stitch.
  • Spanish Art Club

    INSTRUCTOR: Alicia Merrifield
    Latino Art Extravaganza! In this club, students experience free art drawing, painting and cha-cha-cha! Create bobble-head turtles, maracas, wooden crafts, piñatas, cameral mascaras, yarn art, and much more!
  • Spartan Service

    INSTRUCTORS: Angie Crabtree, Kristie Atwood, Jane Moore
    Do you have a heart for service? Are you interested in helping others and making a difference in the world? Join Spartan Service and enjoy giving to others!
  • Tennis

    INSTRUCTORS: Jimmy Pitkanen & David Price
    Strengthen your serve and sharpen your tennis skills while learning about the game of tennis.
  • Theater Workshop

    INSTRUCTORS: Denia Kirk & Liz Britt
    Experience a taste of performing in a musical theater kids production of Where the Wild Things Are. Performance takes place October 7! Get ready for your curtain call and join in some theater fun!
  • Top Trumps

    INSTRUCTOR: Steve Owen
    Students learn to play an English card game with themes ranging from Star Wars to bugs. This game is popular with students and simple to play.
  • UNO Club

    INSTRUCTOR: Laura Barton
    Come play UNO with your buddies! Students will participate in an UNO tournament and one will be crowned UNO champion!
  • Wiffle, Gator, & Kick Ball

    INSTRUCTORS: Dodie Montgomery & Beth Meyer
    Do you like being active and playing in a team atmosphere? Join us in Wiffle, Gator & Kick Ball where leadership and sportsmanship skills are valued while having fun!