Life @ Webb

Community Service

The Webb School experience embodies more than outstanding academics. Our students actively participate and take on leadership roles in extracurricular activities, community service, athletics, the arts, international programs and more.

Webb supports more than 50 charitable organizations, annually, through community service projects.
In keeping with our mission statement and its emphasis on leadership, respect, and responsibility, Webb School of Knoxville places a priority on community service and seeks to instill a commitment to service in its students. Community service at Webb educates students to the needs of the community and thereby motivates them to participate in and embrace the larger community, not only of Knoxville and East Tennessee, but also the world.

Upper School Service

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  • About Upper School Service

    Community service is an important part of the academic program at Webb School of Knoxville. It promotes greater leadership, character development, and civic responsibility within our students.
    All students are required to complete a minimum grade level service requirement for grades 9-12. However, students are encouraged to move beyond their requirement and work on additional projects within areas of their choosing.
    Webb School’s Community Service Program involves students, faculty, and parents. Adult volunteers work alongside students, assist with transportation, and act as team coordinators. We encourage students to work with adult role models who are involved in the community and are willing to share their time, energy, and talents with others.
  • Program Requirements

    All students are required to complete 15 hours of community service a year, which must be completed by the last day of classes every academic year; with the exception of seniors, who must complete their service requirements by the conclusion of their spring break vacation. Students who have not completed their service hours by the deadline will need to discuss their plans for completing this requirement with the service director.

    Freshman Year Requirement
    Freshmen are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of community service by the last day of classes. They are encouraged, but not required, to accrue direct service hours during their first year in the Upper School. Consequently, these 15 hours may consist of either direct or indirect service. Students may begin service during the summer prior to their freshman year; this includes on-campus service through the Webb summer camp program.

    Sophomore, Junior and Senior Year Requirement
    All sophomores, juniors and seniors are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours of service between the summer prior to and the last day of classes of their academic year. A minimum of 10 hours must be direct service. The remaining 5 hours may be spent in service activities that involve indirect service.

    Up to 5 service hours in excess of the junior year requirement can count toward the senior year requirement.

Middle School Service

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  • About Middle School Service

    Committed to Webb School's ideal that helping others is true leadership, Webb Middle School students are encouraged to address the needs of their school, the greater Knoxville community, and our global society through numerous service learning opportunities.
    At school, students collect items to be donated, mentor other students, or keep the facilities tidy. In the Knoxville community, the Middle School has fostered ongoing partnerships with numerous charitable organizations, assisted living centers, nursing homes, and environmental groups, empowering students to directly touch the lives of others. In recent years, students have initiated efforts to help citizens of far off nations in Africa and the Middle East.

Lower School Service

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  • About Lower School Service

    Beyond the curriculum, the community service program constitutes another important foundation of the Lower School in which all children participate. Our community service program strives to heighten awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others within the community, promote within our students a greater understanding of the larger Knoxville area, and develop the conviction of service in our children.

    This mission of community service is to genuinely encourage and promote volunteerism with our children by selecting age appropriate projects for each grade level through the insight of the faculty at Webb, and parent volunteers; thus fostering a sense of pride and respect within our children, both intellectually and socially, which will potentially aid our children in becoming effective community leaders in the future.