A Message From the Webb Fund Co-Chairs

Just when we did not think our family could move any faster, it happened! Our son, John, moved from the 5th Grade Academy of the Lower School to the buzzing halls of 6th Grade and the Middle School. At the same time our daughter, Lily Grace, moved from the familiar halls of the Middle School as an 8th Grader to the new halls of the Upper School as a Freshman. Did they take a moment to slow down and get comfortable with new surroundings – nope – they jumped in with both feet and have not looked back.

To say we are soaking up the full "Webb Experience" would be an understatement. I am unaware of any school where my children could be part of Boy Scouts, the Cheerleading squad, the Middle School Football team, the Upper School drama production, and the Swim team – all at the same time. Then again, we shouldn’t be surprised because that is Webb, isn’t it? A school where you can do as much as your day (and your parents) will allow.

Rita and I are truly honored once again to Chair the Webb Fund this year, and understand more than ever, just how our collective charitable dollars impact the day to day lives of our students. Our support of the Webb Fund helps teams get new uniforms, allows students to start new clubs, helps our faculty attend professional development opportunities, and provides that margin of excellence we all strive for in our classrooms.

In our family, we have a saying: “You don’t just happen to make it, YOU make it happen.” Well, this is YOUR chance to make it happen. We hope you will join us this year as we continue to show our support for our school by participating in the Webb Fund. Those dollars help our school make the leap from ordinary – to extraordinary - in so many ways and I know we all want nothing less for our children.

Go Spartans!

James and Rita Thome
Daughter Lily Grace (Class of ’21) and son John (Class of ’24)