Webb School of Knoxville
Webb School of Knoxville

Webb School's Cum Laude Society Celebrates Newest Members

All of the 2018-2019 Cum Laude inductees in a group picture on a stairwell at Webb School.

Webb School of Knoxville’s Cum Laude Society chapter proudly congratulated 22 new senior class inductees for 2018-2019 at a recent Upper School Chapel ceremony, in recognition of the students’ exemplary scholarship.

Founded in 1906 and patterned after the college honorary society Phi Beta Kappa, the Cum Laude Society recognizes outstanding academic achievement in secondary schools for the purpose of promoting excellence (Areté), justice (Diké) and honor (Timé). Areté denotes excellence in both the scholastic and moral sense. Diké involves the concept of what is suitable and appropriate, as well as just. Timé includes dignity and truth, in addition to honor.

There are more than 380 Cum Laude Society chapters across the United States and in England, France, Spain, Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. Some 4,000 new student members are inducted annually. Membership is limited to qualified seniors in the upper 20 percent of their respective core high school classes.

Webb School celebrates the following Class of 2019 Cum Laude Society inductees for 2018-2019:

  • Mark Altawil
  • Zoya Amer
  • Sumner Bradley
  • Whitney Flautt
  • Kyle Fletcher
  • Reese Hamilton
  • Chelsea Henderson
  • Luke Howard
  • Hope Kvamme
  • Niki Narayani
  • Richa Nathan
  • Jonathan Oates
  • Isabel Papenbrock Romero
  • Fred Perkinson
  • Dov Polsky
  • Nicholas Pope
  • Caroline Ross
  • Peter Schaefer
  • Shiva Senthilkumar
  • Ohm Sharma
  • Jack Thomas
  • Anna Bryn Williams

Webb hosted a lunch reception for the new Cum Laude members and their families, following the induction ceremony.