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Webb School of Knoxville

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Lunch is a highlight.

Growing kids need fuel for their bodies and minds. Webb’s partnership with Sodexo ensures that our students have quality dining facilities and nutritious food. A balance of healthy items and kid-friendly choices helps our students perform to their potential in the classroom and beyond. The leadership of an experienced food service manager and an on-site professional chef solidifies our commitment to providing delicious, homemade food with innovative twists. Both professionals are available to meet with students and parents regarding special dietary requests.

Hours of Operation


Lunch: 10:45 a.m.- 12:45 p.m.

Lunch: 10:55 a.m.- 1:05 p.m.


Matthew Wegman
Director of Dining Services
p: 865-291-3815

Middle & Upper School Menu

Lower School Menu

Mindful: The Webb School Dining Team is committed to providing healthy, nutritious food to our students and school community. Our Mindful program includes recipes that are healthy and delicious, and incorporate fun, trendy foods. To learn more about Mindful, visit the Sodexo website: https://www.mindful.sodexo.com/why-mindful/

Sustainability: Our commitment to sustainable practices and ethical food sourcing is essential to providing great food and service to students, while striving for excellent corporate citizenship. Visit Sodexo for great information on sustainable practices, sourcing, and best practices: https://us.sodexo.com/our-impact.html

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