Webb School of Knoxville
Webb School of Knoxville

Life at Webb

There is so much more to Webb.

Our students are often thirsty for more than what is offered in the classroom. Just because the final bell rings doesn’t mean the day is finished. Extracurricular programming provides students with exciting opportunities to try new activities or to delve deeper into areas of passion. 

Our genuine partnership with parents makes Webb a true community of learners and supporters. Volunteer opportunities allow parents to stay connected and to play a valuable role in the community. Adult education programs bring parents together in an effort to stay current with the latest research on best practices. 

Global Education

We like to say the world is our classroom as we continue to explore ways for our students to engage actively in the global community. By understanding global conditions and perspectives, we ensure that our graduates appreciate the interconnectedness of the world and will be inspired and prepared to contribute to its success.   

Community Service

Understanding the needs of a community helps motivate young people to serve and lead. Our service efforts start local then extend to the larger global community. Spartans are always ready to lend a helping hand. From grade -level service days to service clubs that meet regularly, our students’ collective efforts are making a difference in our world. 

"Middle School allowed me to try a bunch of different classes and activities. In the Upper School, I am focused on the activities that I enjoy the most."


Clubs and Activities

With more than 70 clubs and activities across all three divisions, our students have a wide array of enrichment opportunities both to discover and cultivate new interests and talents. The offerings allow students to partner with adults around shared interests. From off-campus trips, to weekly meetings, clubs provide the framework for collaborative work and fun.     

Parent Partnership

Webb parents play a vital role in supporting both our students and our staff. The success of major events like ArtXtravaganza and Webbfest, relies largely on parent programming and volunteers. Events like these add tremendous value to the student experience.

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