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Summer Trips Abroad

The Webb School experience embodies more than outstanding academics. Our students actively participate and take on leadership roles in extracurricular activities, community service, athletics, the arts, international programs and more.

Summer Trips Abroad

Middle School:

Discovering STEM in Japan: Tokyo and Kyoto
Trip Led by Miller Callaway

Journey Down Under
 to Australia and New Zealand (Auckland, Rotorua, Sydney, Cairns)
Trip led by Miller Callaway
  • Dates: May 29 - June 9, 2019
  • Trip planned through ACIS
  • 12-24 travelers
  • Cost: Approximately $5,000 - $5,200
  • Site seeing/cultural: Visit Tamaki Maori Village, four-wheel drive tour of New Zealand high country where most of the Lord of the Rings was filmed, a visit to the Fiordland National Park and the Milford Sound Underwater Observatory, a Sydney Harbor cruise, a visit to the Sydney Tower, and an Australian bush walkabout tour to ancient Aboriginal sites.

Upper School:

Tour of Eastern European Capitals – Berlin, Prague, Krakow, Budapest
Trip Led by Amanda Rowcliffe and Ada Zareba
Dynastic China – Beijing, Xi’an Terracotta Warriors, and Shanghai
Trip Led by Sharon Berube and Alpa Scarbrough
  • Dates: March 13-21, 2020 (spring break)
  • Provider: ACIS
  • 10-12 Students: Current 8th-11th graders
  • Cost: Approximately $4,940
  • Goal: To explore culture and history from ancient dynasties to modern day. Mandarin not required. In world history classes, students are introduced to Chinese history and culture. Now they will have the opportunity to experience it first-hand! The trip will include visits to historic sites, religious temples, an opportunity to try meditation, and a cultural exchange with local students.
  • More Information:
  • Website:

Great Britain Literary Tour: London, Bath, Oxford, Lake District, Bronte country
Trip Led by Elli Shellist and Rachel Pope
  • Dates: June 3-12, 2020
  • Provider: EF Tours
  • 8-12 Students: Current 8th-11th graders
  • Cost: Approximately $4,200
  • Goals: Visit the places students have read about in classic British novels and poems. Explore English culture and sightsee in five diverse regions of the country.
  • More Information:
  • Student Information Meeting: Mr. Shellist’s room after Presidents' Day weekend
  • Website:
Honduras Biodiversity in the Bay Islands – Roatan and Utila Marine Expedition
Trip Led by Laura Kile and Heather Hillesheim
  • Dates: June 17-30, 2020
  • Provider: OpWall
  • 8-10 Students: Current 8th-11th graders
  • Cost: Approximately $3,700
  • Goals: Students will learn about biodiversity, specifically in the Caribbean. Collect and analyze data. Participate in community service, cleaning up ocean trash. Marine only expedition.
  • More Information:
  • Student Information Meeting: Wednesday, February 27 during second AP in Ms. Kile’s room
  • Website:
French Exchange – Paris
Trip Led by Meredith Peccolo
  • Dates: Host in October 2019. Travel to Paris over spring break 2020
  • Provider: Webb-Montalembert school exchange
  • 10-12 Students: Current 7th-11th graders
  • Cost: Approximately $2,200
  • Goal: Host a student from Paris in October for 10 days; then explore culture, language, history, and family life in Paris over spring break. French not required.
  • More Information:
  • Website:
New Zealand – Christchurch, Queensland, South Island Tour
Trip Led by John Schmid
  • Dates: March 11-22, 2020 (spring break) 
  • Provider: The University of Canterbury, Christchurch
  • 10-12 Students: Current 8th-11th graders
  • Cost: Approximately $5,500
  • Goal: Combination of service learning, hiking, biking, kayaking, learning about Maori culture, and viewing the film locations for The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
  • More Information:

D-Day 75/Normandy and London
Trip led by Rachel Tinker
  • Dates: June 1-10, 2019
  • Trip planned through EF Tours
  • 12 students
  • Cost: Approximately $4,100
  • Site seeing/cultural: London tour, Bletchley Park, Imperial War Museum, Cabinet War Rooms, Ferry to Normandy to commemorate 75th anniversary – activities, services, historic tours.
Service Learning Trip to Dominican Republic 
Trip led by Hemal Tailor
Northern Rockies Trip
Trip led by John Schmid and Adam Braude
  • Location for 2019 backpack trip will probably be in the Northern Rockies
  • Dates: July 2019 (specific dates TBA)
  • Cost: Approximately $3,000-$3,300
  • A two-part trip, with the first being a 3-4-night backpack, followed by a 3-4-night stay in a campground in a national park like Yellowstone or Grand Teton.