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The Webb School experience embodies more than outstanding academics. Our students actively participate and take on leadership roles in extracurricular activities, community service, athletics, the arts, international programs and more.

Student Exchange Programs

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  • French Exchange

    Since 2009, Webb School has partnered with L'Institut Montalembert, a high school located in the suburbs of Paris, France. The exchange has helped foster cross-cultural understanding and respect from both sides of the Atlantic. 

    Each fall, Webb students from 8th-12th grades are selected to host a French boy/girl for approximately two weeks. Students taking French are given priority. In return, the Webb student hosts travel to Paris during spring break and live with their French friends. Highlights include tours of Paris and the monuments by bus and boat, a visit to the Palace of Versailles and the Louvre, attending classes at the school, and immersion into French language and cultural life.
  • Spain & Costa Rica

    Each June, the Spanish Department offers a two-week immersion trip to either San Jose, Costa Rica or Salamanca, Spain. The trips alternate each summer between the two countries but the goal of full language immersion and cultural exposure is the same. Students enjoy visits to cultural places of interest such as museums and cathedrals, live with Spanish speaking host families, study daily at a language school, enjoy traditional meals with the family, and volunteer for 10 hours in the local community (for service hours.) A favorite activity is learning how to cook traditional dishes while in Spain or Costa Rica.
  • Guatemalan Exchange Program

    Guatemalan Exchange Upper School:
    Since 2009, Webb School has successfully hosted students from Guatemala City for eight weeks in the fall. The students are carefully selected through the Faces and Our Culture Exchange Program to spend 8 weeks at an American high school. Students live with Webb host families, attend classes, participate in school activities, learn more about American culture, and improve their English language skills. As ambassadors for their country, they are also expected to give a presentation to Webb's Spanish classes about Guatemala's history and culture. If you would like to host one of these exceptional students please contact Liz Gregor at
    Guatemalan Exchange Middle School:
    In spring 2018 two Middle School chaperones accompanied 8 Webb students to Guatemala City for a 10 day visit. The students stayed with hand selected host families, attended classes at the bilingual school Colegio Interamericano (, climbed an active volcano, visited a coffee plantation, and spent the day in beautiful, historic Antigua. Participants were able to practice their Spanish while experiencing daily life with Guatemalan families.  Then, in fall, 2018 a group of students visited Webb School for 10 days. Webb students will have the opportunity to travel to Guatemala the spring to stay with their host brother or sister for an exciting 10 day cultural trip. If you would like to host and/or travel please contact Liz Gregor at