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College Counseling


The Webb School experience embodies more than outstanding academics. Our students actively participate and take on leadership roles in extracurricular activities, community service, athletics, the arts, international programs and more.

Pathways is a progressive college counseling program that prepares students and their families for the college admission process. Beginning in eighth grade, students and families will engage with college counseling workshops, admission programming and parent education to ensure that students are putting their best foot forward in the college admission process. Our goal is to encourage and challenge students to explore and embrace their own strengths, talents and dreams for their future, and to help them find institutions and programs that best fit their interests and aspirations, so they can reach their greatest potential.
Students begin to engage in and learn about the college preparation process by developing an academic plan with advisors. They also start to assess and learn about their strengths and interests; engage in positive, productive activities; and prepare to get the most out of their upcoming Upper School experience.

•  Overview of Pathways Program  •  Introduction to Academic Planning  
•  Meet the College Counseling Team •  Transitions to Upper School
This is the year to build on academics and to explore – try a variety of activities; discover academic strengths and interests; start to become familiar with the standardized tests needed for college admission; and begin learning about what qualities you will want a college to have. 

•  Academic Planning  •  Leadership  •  Discover Strengths and Interests  
•  Introduction to Standardized Testing  •  Involvement in Broad Range of Activities
Sophomores refine their interests and begin to become more involved in the college process. After experimenting with new activities as freshmen, they should build on those that are of most interest and heighten their commitment. Identifying academic strengths, taking practice standardized tests and meeting with advisors about academic opportunities take on more importance.

•  Refine Interests  •  Build Strong Academic Profile  •  PSAT  •  College Fair  •  Practice ACT  •  College Visits
This is the year to learn, in-depth, about the college process; explore specific post-high school options; build on academic rigor and overall record; complete the majority of college-related standardized testing; and work with college counselors to create a plan for college options.

•  Strengthen Academic, Leadership and Co-Curricular Profile  •  Navigate Naviance  •  Complete Standardized Testing  •  Visit Colleges  •  Begin Thinking of College Essay  •  Scholarship Research  •  Teacher Recommendations  •  Meet with College Reps
In their senior year, students fulfill their high school goals by solidifying their academic records and deepening their level of engagement and leadership in their most significant activities. It is also the time to complete all the details of the college application process and take the next steps in securing a satisfying educational future.
•  Refine College Lists  •  Complete Visits and Interviews  •  Meet with College Reps  •  Applications Completed and Submitted