Life @ Webb

Webb Dance Academy

The Webb School experience embodies more than outstanding academics. Our students actively participate and take on leadership roles in extracurricular activities, community service, athletics, the arts, international programs and more.

The idea of Webb Dance Academy (WDA) became a topic of discussion in 2010 after a series of small events, including a Webb Lower School "flashmob" during its talent show and results from surveys conducted to explore both parent and student interest. Beginning in 2012, “Let’s Dance” performance classes taught by Christy House Conley in Webb's International Center were offered as an after-school club for Webb students, grades K-5. For the next two years, Webb Lower School student dancers performed three times per year for a total of six performances. The final performance in May 2014 introduced Webb Dance Academy as a true entity.

In 2013, a state-of-the-art dance studio opened in Webb's Haslam Center. Webb Dance Academy now provides dance/wellness classes throughout the P.E. and fitness strand of courses during the school day for kindergarten through eighth grade students. Additionally, our Pre-K Junior Spartans explore dance, yoga, drama, and creative movement three to four days per week. Webb Dance Academy also offers more than 10 classes both before and after school, and boasts two performances per school year in Webb's Bishop Center auditorium.

Experienced WDA dancers are provided leadership opportunities through the WDA mentor program, where they may assist younger dancers and try their hand at choreography.
The goal of Webb Dance Academy is to provide high-quality dance classes to learners in a non-competitive, socially aware environment. We believe that the arts enrich the lives of students and their families, and build community through cultural awareness. Our students are encouraged to become technically proficient as they develop self-esteem, as well as cooperation and leadership skills. We also want them to HAVE FUN!

Our Mission

Webb Dance Academy is fully devoted to providing dancers of all ages an encouraging environment where they are given the opportunity to grow and excel in their dance education, while encouraging students to achieve their fullest potential; to support them as they grow artistically and academically, and develop into well-rounded individuals, nourished in imagination and creativity.