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The Webb School experience embodies more than outstanding academics. Our students actively participate and take on leadership roles in extracurricular activities, community service, athletics, the arts, international programs and more.

The role of the arts in the development of a young person’s life cannot be overestimated. In all of its various forms, the arts provide fundamental avenues for self-expression and self-exploration, and their inclusion in a full school experience is critical. At Webb School of Knoxville, the arts add balance to a rigorous academic day and provide a needed and varied outlet for students in all three divisions.

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Art in the Lower School

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  • Lower School Art

    In our Lower School, all students participate in the arts. Students take both visual arts and music classes each week. In visual arts, children express their ideas through both two- and three-dimensional forms. They develop skills in drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, ceramics, and fiber arts as they explore basic art concepts. The Lower School’s music classes consist of a broad-based, multi-faceted curriculum designed to provide a foundation of musical concepts and skills; and expose students to a variety of musical styles. They also showcase their skills in concerts for their peers and parents throughout the year.

    Lower School children can further pursue their artistic passions through after-school clubs, including Theater Workshop and beginning and advanced strings.

Art in the Middle School

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  • Middle School Art

    In Webb’s Middle School, the number and variety of arts classes increases from the Lower School experience. Every sixth grader is required to participate in an exploratory program that includes visual arts, instrumental music, drama, or a class in vocal music or handbells. In the seventh and eighth grades, students enter into a more open electives program that includes courses in band, strings, handbells, chorus, drama, and visual arts. Choral and music classes for all grades are supplemented by concerts at different points during the year. In addition, Middle Schoolers can participate in an after-school drama production during the spring.

Art in the Upper School

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  • Upper School Art

    The introductory art experiences in Webb’s Lower and Middle Schools prepare students to more fully participate in the Upper School fine arts program, which offers more than 30 different classes. Upper School students may take classes in ceramics, photography, drawing, painting, three-dimensional design (including woodworking), scenic or set design, digital imaging, drama, band, strings, and all levels of choral music. Numerous choral and instrumental ensemble performances and competitions, as well as class trips, complement the Upper School arts program. In addition, students have the opportunity both fall and spring to be part of a large drama/musical production.