The Alumni Scholars Fund was established by Webb's Alumni Leadership Council and the school's Board of Trustees in the spring of 2014. It creates an endowment fund to support need-based financial aid, promoting economic diversity and enabling deserving students with financial need to have access to a life-changing Webb School education. This fund is the focus of alumni giving, annually, and reunion fundraising.

The Alumni Scholars Fund is split 70/30, with 70 percent of incoming contributions funneled to the endowment and 30 percent available for current financial aid needs. The 70/30 split will be reviewed once the endowment fund corpus reaches $1 million, at which point the Alumni Leadership Council will re-evaluate this distribution.

Webb's Alumni Leadership Council

Kyle Baisley ’01

Alex Ardison ’90
Cindy Cassity ’86
Ted Cook ’69
Angel Howard ’82 
Dorn Kile ’68
Sharon Lee ’71
Julie McWhorter ’94
Ed Mobley ’80
Lou Moran ’82
Joseph Nother ’99
Stephanie Ogden ’76
Mark Overholt ’83
Russ Powell ’87
Alex Vogel ’96 
Terri Ward ’75
Alexander Waters ’06

When Making A Gift...

Please note in the "Comments" section of the donation page that you wish for your gift to be designated toward the Alumni Scholars Fund.