The Artist in Residence Program

Webb School is a K-12 independent day school of about 1,000 students located in Knoxville, Tennessee. We have been hosting two visiting visual artists a year since 2001. Visiting artists arrive in October or February and spend five weeks on campus.

During their tenure, artists work half of each day on their own work and spend the other half interacting formally with students in art classes. These interactions are collaboratively planned with one of the six visual arts teachers on campus: one Lower School teacher, two Middle School teachers, and three Upper School teachers. Visitors are required to mount an exhibition during their stay and are asked to donate a representative artwork to the school’s visiting artist study collection. In exchange, they are provided with part of a classroom space to call their own to work in. Webb's facilities include a well-equipped digital lab, wood shop, darkroom, kilns, and print presses for our visiting artists to use.

Visiting artists have 24-hour access to their work spaces, as well as access to workout facilities and library privileges. They are housed in an extended stay hotel about two miles from campus, and their lunch is provided on school days. Travel expenses are provided for and visitors receive a $3,900 stipend for their five-week stay.

The Artist in Residence Collection

All of Webb's previous Artists in Residence were asked to donate a representative artwork to the school’s visiting artist study collection. This collection in on display in the Webb's Central Building and serves as a constant reminder of the varied and talented artists who have visited our school.

Our Facilities

Webb School has ample space for our visiting artists to use.

These include:
  • A Lower School classroom
  • Two Middle School classrooms
  • An Upper School ceramics studio, wood shop, print shop, and digital lab
  • An Upper School gallery

Lower School Facilities

Middle School Facilities

Upper School Facilities

How to Apply

To apply for Webb's Artist in Residence Program, please send the following to Todd Johnson.
  • Letter of interest/intent
  • Resume
  • List of references and phone numbers
  • A link to your website

Webb School has an annual March 1st application deadline for the following school year.

Please send all of this information as one PDF document. Digital submissions only.


Visitng artists are housed at the Candlewood Inn and Suites, located at 10206 Parkside Drive Knoxville, TN 37922. The hotel is approximately two miles from Webb's campus and moments away from Knoxville's Turkey Creek Shopping Center and resaurants.

For more information and photos of the Candlewood Inn and Suites, you can visit their Website.

For more information about Turkey Creek, you can visit their Website.

Former Visiting Artists

Webb School previously hosted the following artists as a part of our Artist in Residence Program:

J.S. Bird
Susan Hamburger
Tara Espinoza
Karen Shaw
Michael St. John
Phoebe Toland
Jason Duvall
Chuck Aydlett
Jeffry Mitchell
Jesse Rubenfeld
Lori Larusso
Tim Davis
Otis Kriegel
David Wolff
Greig Leach
Jade Walker
Tricia Alyne
Chuck Webster
Cecil McDonald
Michael Bramwell
Matt Griffin
Sonya Blesofsky
Russell Floersch
Laura Gibellini
Steed Taylor
Michael Pribich     

Our Fine Arts Faculty

List of 6 members.