Tuition & Financial Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

Webb School believes that each student is a unique individual, and our Admissions Office seeks students who will bring a variety of experiences, talents, and interests to our school community.

Frequently Asked Questions - Financial Aid

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. Does Webb School give out scholarships?

    No. Webb School only provides need-based financial aid for families. There are no merit based scholarships and there is no merit based financial aid for students.
  • Q. What is financial aid?

    Financial aid is the funds provided to a family that qualifies for support to help pay for their student’s tuition.
  • Q. Do families have to repay Webb for financial aid?

    No. Financial aid is a grant offered to a family to help pay for tuition, and as a grant, families do NOT have to repay the school.
  • Q. How do you get financial aid?

    Families must first begin an application for admissions. Once their student is an applicant, the Admissions Office will share the exact steps a family must do to qualify for financial aid. These steps include a Parent Financial Statement filed with School & Student Services and providing all required supporting tax documents.
  • Q. Is my financial aid information confidential?

    Yes. All application materials submitted by a family are kept confidential. Only members of the Financial Aid Committee have access, and primarily, the Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management reviews the documents submitted.
  • Q. When will my family know how much financial aid we have been awarded?

    Only after the student receives an admissions offer will the Financial Aid Committee be able to consider a family’s application for financial aid. If a family’s financial aid application is complete, the Committee will make every effort to issue an enrollment contract with a financial aid award.
  • Q. Is there a deadline to apply for financial aid?

    The guidelines for applying for financial aid include deadline dates, and while applications submitted after the published due dates may be considered, funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Funds are also limited to a set budget each year. The Admissions Office encourages families to apply for financial aid as soon as possible.
  • Q. Will my family receive financial aid every year?

    As long as a family completes the annual application for renewal of a financial aid award, Webb School is committed to providing financial aid for the student through their graduation from the school.
  • Q. What if my family does not receive enough financial aid?

    While Webb School is committed to awarding over $1.5 million in financial aid annually, the number of applications does exceed the amount of funds available. Webb School does offer a 10-month payment plan to assist families. Some families also seek out other options to help offset the costs.