Tuition & Financial Aid

Affording Webb School

Webb School believes that each student is a unique individual, and our Admissions Office seeks students who will bring a variety of experiences, talents, and interests to our school community.

Making a Webb School Education Possible

Webb School of Knoxville knows that for the majority of families, investing in a private, college-preparatory education requires careful financial planning. The school also understands that socioeconomic diversity is paramount to providing the very best educational setting for all students.

Thus, Webb School is committed to a robust financial aid program to ensure that the school is accessible to more students.

Financial aid at Webb School is allocated annually to a student based on his/her family’s demonstrated ability to pay the cost of tuition and required fees. Webb School does not award financial aid based upon merit - academic, artistic, or athletic.

Each year, Webb School awards a range of financial aid based on each family’s unique circumstances. The school cannot award the full cost of enrollment to any student, but the school does make a commitment to fund financial aid for a qualified student through graduation.

To receive financial aid, a family must meet the threshold of need, and Webb School works with a third-party application processor to best assess each family’s need. Additionally, Webb School requires each family to provide supporting documentation, such as current tax documents and statements of income.

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