How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Webb School believes that each student is a unique individual, and our Admissions Office seeks students who will bring a variety of experiences, talents, and interests to our school community.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Admissions Office of Webb School looks forward to sharing our vision of what we feel a college preparatory educational experience should be. We will introduce you to the Webb School community, including our students, faculty and leadership. We are all so very excited about the future of Webb School and our role in the larger Knoxville community as an educational leader in STEM and innovation.

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Q. How do I start exploring?

    Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office by phone at (865) 291-3781 or use our online inquiry form to share your interest in learning more about the Webb School. We also strongly encourage our prospective families to come to Admissions events hosted throughout the year, especially our Take-A-Look and Window into Webb events.
  • Q. Do you have regular tours and/or can students visit campus?

    YES. The Admissions team welcomes the opportunity to host visitors on campus for tours. Also, we strongly encourage students in 6th to 12th Grade to consider doing a Shadow Visit – a prospective student gets to shadow a current student as they move through a normal school day getting to experience campus life and meeting faculty and students. You can phone our offices at (865) 291-3781 to schedule any of these appointments.
  • Q. What is Webb School looking for in prospective students?

    Webb School is not looking for any one particular type of student; rather, we are seeking students who can bring a variety of experiences, talents, and interests to our school community. We believe that each student is a unique individual with something special to contribute.
  • Q. What is required on the application?

    The online application gathers basic information about the student, family and how the student could be a match for Webb School.

    We seek candid responses that give the Admissions team the most realistic snapshot of who your student is right now and their unique differences and complexities. Finally, we ask divorced families to be very specific about how educational decisions are to be made for the student.
  • Q. What forms are required?

    Webb School of Knoxville has several required forms for the student application:
    • Authorization for Release of Records
    • School Administrator’s Evaluation
    • Teacher’s Evaluation(s)
    • Personal Reference

    Note: Any teacher evaluation(s) requested should be completed by the student's current teacher(s).
  • Q. Where can you find the required forms?

    The forms are part of our Admissions Portal; all required forms are accessible online. For grades Pre-K to 5th Grade, forms may be submitted as hard copy. For grades 6th to 12th, all forms are online-only forms. Once a student has an established account on the Admissions Portal, the student may send email requests to all evaluators and references to complete online forms.
  • Q. When is the application due?

    Pre -K – 5th grade: Applications due by January 31st, 2019
    6th – 12th grade: Applications due by January 26th, 2019
  • Q. Are applications confidential?

    All information provided in the application and on the required forms is kept confidential.
  • Q. Is anything else required?

    SCREENING: Each student will complete an age appropriate admissions screening. Lower School students take part in an assessment lead by Lower School faculty and administrators; Middle and Upper School students sit for the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE).

    ON CAMPUS MEETING: Parents of Lower School applicants are invited to meet with the Head of the Lower School to discuss their student’s assessment results and potential for admission; both Middle and Upper School applicants and parents are invited to meet with the Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management to interview and discuss potential for admission.
  • Q. What are the faculty looking for in student’s applications?

    It is important to have varied learning and thinking styles represented in each of the classrooms; it is also key that students possess age-appropriate academic and social skills so they can thrive in Webb School’s learning environment.
  • Q. How are decisions made?

    Webb School wants to be confident that each student can enjoy academic success and is best prepared to meet the future challenges of a college preparatory school. The Admissions Committee looks at the whole student including academics, character, and demonstrated potential. Also, Webb School is committed to enrolling students with a wide range of backgrounds, learning styles, interests, talents, and personalities. Finally, there are instances where decisions are influenced by the limited number of openings in a class – this is not a direct reflection on the student applicant.
  • Q. When are families notified of an admissions decision?

    Admission decisions for 6th to 12th grade Priority Round applicants will be notified by letter by February 12, 2018. Priority Round Pre-K to 5th grade and 6th to 12th grade applicants will be notified by email with an admissions decision and enrollment contract on March 5, 2018. Webb School does also plan for Rolling Admission to allow for additional applications from those not able to be a part of the Priority or First Round; those applicants and families will be notified on a rolling basis.