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Independence leads to powerful change.

Amazing transformations transpire at Webb Middle School. Students grow into independent learners, responsible citizens, abstract thinkers and problem-solvers, collaborative learning partners, and empathetic leaders. 

An intentionally-designed program meets the needs of growing adolescents. Our educators understand your child’s need for both independence and guidance. Teachers work in grade-level teams to identify each student's unique profile and commit to nurturing individual potential. Core courses focus on skill development and foundational content mastery. Exciting elective courses offer opportunities for self-exploration. Diverse activities outside the classroom provide real-world learning experiences. 

Students bring their dreams and effort, and teachers provide nurturing support. The results are empowering! 


Class Trips

Learning outside the confines of campus provides significant opportunities for growth. Class trips allow students to bond with teachers and classmates while spending time away from home. A four-day trip for sixth graders to the mountains of western North Carolina is sponsored each spring. Each fall, the seventh grade spends five days on the ocean just outside of Wilmington, North Carolina. A five-day excursion for eighth graders to Washington, D.C. in late February builds on their American history curriculum and serves as a capstone Middle School experience.


Spartan Solutionaries


At Webb, we seek to develop solutionaries – students equipped with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to solve real-world problems through innovative solutions. Our Spartan Solutionaries method uses Design Thinking to provide a road map for addressing world issues. Through inquiry, innovation, and impact, Design Thinking allows the school experience to be more reflective of real life. Students are not thinking theoretically; they're engaged in real-time global challenges such as improving water quality, obstacles facing refugees, and human rights issues.


Broadcast Journalism

While popular news events fill the docket of the school's Webb on the Web (W.O.W) Network, skill development is at the heart of the program. Many Spartan athletic events are streamed live on the W.O.W Network and a monthly Morning in the Middle program highlights all-school events. Students learn to write scripts, edit, produce, work the sound and cameras, and present on air. Truly a hands-on experience, the W.O.W. Network enables students to gain valuable real-world skills, pursue their interests, and be active in the campus community.

"I love the independence we have in the Middle School. My teachers expect and trust me to make good decisions."


Comprehensive Curriculum

Webb’s developmentally responsive curriculum provides dynamic learning activities that allow students to grow in confidence. A balance of content mastery and skill development ensures that students are ready for their next exciting learning opportunity.

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Webb Middle School Administration & Staff

Jennifer Phillips

Middle School Head

Phone: 865-291-3835

David Haines

Middle School Dean of Students

Phone: 865-291-3835

Judy Legg

Middle School Office Manager

Phone: 865-291-3835

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