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Webb School of Knoxville

Webb Lower School

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Each day is an exciting adventure.

No two days are the same in Webb's Lower School. We introduce curious and creative young minds to active learning. Experienced teachers nurture a safe, joyous learning environment where students make discoveries about themselves, their friends, and the world around them.

A balance of teacher-led instruction and student-directed investigation allows children to become responsible, engaged learners. Through individual and collaborative experiences, skills are learned in the context of purposeful activities rather than in isolation.

Discovery begins. Success abounds. Confidence soars!


Special Area Classes Enhance Learning

Our expansive menu of stimulating learning opportunities provides myriad ways for your child to realize their potential. Special area classes are critical to developing well-rounded students and are instrumental in helping them begin to uncover their passions. An introduction to topics such as Spanish, science, library, and technology continues the exploration of academics in the Lower School, while art and music tap children's creative expression.

Physical growth is supported through a daily physical education program. Recess reinforces the spirit of fair and cooperative play. These and other important growth lessons form the core of our Life Skills initiative taught by the Lower School counselor.


Parent Partnership

Showing their children that they value education, our parents play an active role in the classroom in the Lower School. Parents participate in the VIP program, Writers Workshop, reading activities, and Science Olympiad, just to name a few. Special grade-level and divisional events throughout the year offer more opportunities for parents to support our teachers.

The best educational experiences are characterized by parents and educators working together to benefit students. At Webb, that partnership is highly valued.

Community & Leadership

Being part of something larger than yourself is a cool part of growing up. We start each day in Community Meeting to celebrate the successes of our classmates and to build community spirit. It also allows us to talk about our impact on the world, both at Webb and beyond campus.

Service learning focuses on positively impacting the lives of others. This message is at the heart of our hallmark, multi-age FAMILIES program, where one student from each grade is assigned to a group led by a faculty member. FAMILY members learn the importance of friendship, empathy, and leadership as they regularly meet to participate in service projects and team-building activities. 

"I can't wait to see what we learn tomorrow!"


Comprehensive Curriculum

Webb’s developmentally responsive curriculum provides dynamic learning activities that allow students to grow in confidence. A balance of content mastery and skill development ensures that students are ready for their next exciting learning opportunity.

View Webb's LOWER SCHOOL Curriculum Guide

Lower School Administration & Staff

Kristi Wofford

Lower School Head

Phone: 865-291-3865

Lauren Leonard

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Phone: 865-291-3867

Jessica Carnathan

Receptionist & Clubs Coordinator

Phone: 865-291-2685

Jodi Graham

Lower School Office Assistant

Phone: 865-291-2685

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