Upper School | 9–12

Webb School of Knoxville's commitment to excellence is unparalleled, and our wise guidance ensures that your child is known. Our personalized approach to educating students inspires them to discover their full potential in an environment that celebrates their individual strengths, and promotes a community of learners.
The objective of our Upper School's rigorous academic program is to teach each student strong skills of analysis and expression; to instill core knowledge in the arts, sciences, and humanities; to foster the ability to think critically, creatively, and independently; and to inspire intellectual curiosity and a lifelong passion for learning. Through its varied academic and extracurricular offerings, Webb's Upper School encourages its students to develop their unique talents and to pursue knowledge that will serve both the individual and society.

In addition, for those families requesting such assistance, our Upper School has a learning specialist who collaborates with the faculty to ensure the best academic program for those students needing additional support. This program outlines for the student, his/her parents, advisor, and teachers the accommodations necessary for the student’s success at Webb.

Our Upper School Administration

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