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Exploring your passion at Webb & beyond.

Upper School life at Webb is both inspirational and aspirational. Dedicated faculty provide a vibrant educational environment that helps students acquire important knowledge about themselves and determine what activities in which they should invest their most valuable time and energy. We offer an innovative, personalized program tailored to match students' individual strengths and interests. 

Students are inspired to learn, serve, and lead here. They seek and embrace challenge. Our teachers empower young people to stretch and grow, and to become enlightened thinkers and responsible world citizens. Those components are part of an equation that enables students to discover and pursue their passions while also providing clarity for college pursuits and life beyond.

Webb's Upper School is not the end of our students' journey; rather, it is a beginning. The Webb MD program might ignite a passion of the next great doctor. Our STEM initiatives may inspire the next groundbreaking scientist. The 30-plus fine arts courses may fuel the talents of the next famous painter. Entrepreneurial opportunities might lay the groundwork for the next successful business leader. Whatever path they choose, students leave Webb School poised to make their mark on the world.

College Counseling

We empower our students to choose colleges and universities that fit with their unique abilities, aspirations, interests, and character. We seek to guide our students toward schools that will not only fit them, but will also enhance the foundation of learning, leadership, and self-exploration that students develop while at Webb.

Our graduates enroll at 50 to 60 different colleges and universities each year – from California to Maine and at least 20 states in between. Guidance in selecting the best match is at the heart of a five-year developmental model called Pathways. Our experienced college counselors partner with families from early planning to extensive research on schools, applications, and financing.


Global Impact


Real-world learning and learning outside the Webb campus highlight our global education initiative. Our goal is to prepare students for the interconnected world community they will inherit by promoting global understanding and citizenship, fostering a deep appreciation for the languages and cultures of the world, and developing an understanding of how the United States fits into a global context.

Students have opportunities to travel abroad to experience the global community up close. They also foster relationships with students from other countries who visit our campus for short stays or semester exchanges. Both avenues enhance our students' journey toward becoming better global citizens as they engage in the rich, cultural texture of the world.


Service to Others

Webb School is focused on providing initiatives that spark a desire to serve our community and the world. 

Understanding the needs of others helps motivate young people to serve and lead. Our Webb MD students, in partnership with the Global Public Service Academy for Health, traveled to remote areas of West Virginia to conduct health assessments on community members of all ages – from checking blood pressure, respiratory, and pulse rates to diabetes testing. Additionally, they helped implement educational programs for school-age children that focus on healthy lifestyle choices.


Participation is prized at Webb. We encourage our students to get involved in as many extracurricular activities as they desire. It is awesome to see an all-state football player performing as part of our Madrigal Singers or the all-state volleyball player leading the monthly news broadcast. It is just as cool to see a student participate in all three seasons of athletics. At Webb, you can choose your path. You can try a sport for the first time or you can train at a level that prepares you for collegiate competition. There is so much to gain from athletic participation. Resilience, discipline, teamwork, and leadership are skills that will carry students throughout college and their adult lives. 

Communicate Confidently

Chapel Talks are a longstanding tradition at Webb and further strengthen community spirit. In our daily assembly (called Chapel), each sophomore and senior delivers a five-to-eight-minute presentation about a personal experience or their thoughts on life. Upper School Chapel Talks help students become better writers and enables them to develop public speaking skills and forge strong connections with their peers. Our Chapel gatherings also allow for students and teachers to make daily announcements and share student accomplishments.

Spartan alumni often speak fondly of the Chapel Talk program – a common experience for all and a bond for graduates spanning as far back as the 1950s.

"I figured out my strengths and passions by getting involved in different activities. All of Webb's offerings gave me an opportunity to develop my purpose and direction."


Comprehensive Curriculum

Webb’s developmentally responsive curriculum provides dynamic learning activities that allow students to grow in confidence. A balance of content mastery and skill development ensures that students are ready for their next exciting learning opportunity.

View Webb's Upper School Curriculum Guide

Graduation Requirements

English: 4 years

Mathematics: 4 years, through Algebra II and one additional year beyond Algebra II

Science: 3 years, including Biology and Chemistry

Social Studies: 3 years, including Ancient World History, Modern World History, and U.S History

World Languages: 2 years and completion of Level III in the same language

Fine Arts: 2 semesters

Physical Education: 2 semesters

Service Learning: 60 hours of service

Upper School Administration & Staff

Matthew Macdonald

Upper School Head

Phone: 865-291-3827

Doug Bright

Upper School Registrar

Phone: 865-291-3783

Francesca Latham

Upper School Office Manager

Phone: 865-291-3805

James Michel

Associate Dean of Student Life

Phone: 865-291-3834

Jerome Romain

Assistant Dean of Student Life

Phone: 865-291-3806

Stephanie Spurlock

Coordinator of Student Life

Phone: 865-291-3856

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