Webb School of Knoxville
Webb School of Knoxville

Student Support

Supported, nurtured, and known.

A successful Webb experience is characterized by strong relationships between teachers and students that are forged through mutual respect and genuine friendships. The more the teacher knows about the student, the more effectively learning and overall growth transpire. Our teachers pride themselves in knowing each of their students as an individual and being able to offer appropriate support when needed.

Additionally, students can receive support in a variety of ways in each division. Lower School students have access to their homeroom teacher if they need more instructional help, while a visit to the math lab or writing center may be an occasional stop or a regularly scheduled part of an older student's week. If learning from a student similar in age is preferred, the Peer Tutoring program in the Upper School is a natural fit. With a host of options, every student can find the appropriate level of assistance that works best with their learning preference.


Each division is equipped with a learning center that is directed by a professional learning specialist. The focus is on developing an individual plan for success. The learning specialists work with students individually and in small groups. The objective is to promote age-appropriate learning, as well as organizational and self-advocacy strategies. Additionally, the learning specialists collaborate with teachers to employ specific strategies in the classroom.

As part of our commitment to developing the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being of our students, each division employs a school counselor. Whether it is lending an empathetic ear or devising a plan of action, these nurturing counselors provide support through a variety of avenues. Proactive lessons in the Lower and Middle Schools focus on developmental issues in individual, small group, and classroom meetings; while in the Upper School, the counselor interacts with students through class presentations, optional workshops, acting as an advisor or club sponsor, or helping an individual student work through a personal problem. 

Our counselors also serve as terrific partners to parents. Recognizing that parenting can be a challenge at times, we extend a helpful hand in pointing parents to great resources. This partnership is crucial during the formative and adolescent years, and highly valued by Webb School parents. 


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