Middle School | 6–8

Beyond Academics

Webb School of Knoxville's commitment to excellence is unparalleled, and our wise guidance ensures that your child is known. Our personalized approach to educating students inspires them to discover their full potential in an environment that celebrates their individual strengths, and promotes a community of learners.

Beyond the Classroom at Webb

The uniqueness of early adolescence demands and deserves a program that matches our students' energy, curiosity, and social nature. In addition to our Middle School's extensive curricular offerings, our extracurricular programs provide our young people a variety of avenues with which to pursue and develop their interests and passions. In our Middle School, the focus on both strengthening core academic skills to better prepare students for their journey in high school and on exploring a wide array of non-academic interests help to ensure that each student has the opportunity to blaze his/her own path to success.

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  • Athletics

    The Middle School Athletic program offers a full menu of offerings. The available sports are divided into three seasons. Most fall teams begin practice during the first week of school. The one exception is the football team that begins in late July. Practices during the school year typically are held immediately after classes end. Competitions are held throughout the week. Webb teams compete with local public and private schools.

    Currently, the only team that “cuts” athletes is basketball and that is due to limited practice space. A strong effort is made to provide as many athletic opportunities as possible for our students.
  • Class Trips

    Educational trips taken by an entire grade level expose students to new experiences and help build camaraderie, self-esteem and independence. Each trip is closely tied into, and complements, the Middle School curriculum.

    In the spring, sixth grade students travel to Camp Kanuga in Hendersonville, North Carolina, with an emphasis on outdoor education, study of Appalachia, and team-building.

    During their trip to Camp Caswell in North Carolina, seventh-grade students apply their science skills at a weeklong biology camp, combining classes with field trips and hands-on encounters with local marine life.

    American history comes alive for Webb's eighth-grade class during its weeklong trip to the greater Washington, D.C. area as they explore the city's numerous memorials and museums as well as the Arlington National Cemetery. Upon their return to Webb, all grade levels are given the opportunity of reflect on their respective trip experiences with in-class activities.
  • Counseling Resources

    Webb recognizes the importance of providing strong counselors and mentors for its students. The Middle School counseling team includes the Middle School Head, Dean of Students, Guidance Counselor, and Academic Dean/Learning Specialist. This team of educators supports the grade-level advisors in their work with advisees.

    The Guidance Counselor and Dean of Students are available to classes, student groups or individual students for supportive and confidential counseling. They also address issues that affect the entire student body and provide special programs to address those concerns. The Academic Dean/Learning Specialist assists teachers and students as they navigate various learning experiences. Students may make appointments to seek help or may be recommended by a teacher. Some students meet on an occasional basis, while others may be required to meet daily.
  • Extra Help

    Extra Help in the Middle School is scheduled for every afternoon, Monday-Thursday. A student may be asked or required to collaborate with a certain teacher for additional instruction, but a student can seek help from any teacher anytime he/she feels it is needed. Students who don’t need specific help from a teacher use the Extra Help time to complete homework or read.
  • Library

    Located in the Central Building, the Central Library serves middle and upper school students and the faculty and staff of Webb School. The library supports the philosophy and educational goals of Webb School to fully nurture the potential of each individual and prepare students to serve as leaders in tomorrow’s world by focusing on information literacy, diverse collections, and curricular support and collaboration. Through the Central Library, students have access to over 20,000 books, ebooks, and DVDs and over 60 online databases of journal articles, newspapers, magazines, images, videos, and audiobook streaming content.

    The library is open 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday and offers space for individual and group study, learning, and collaboration. More information about the library and access to resources can be found at the library’s website,
  • Middle School Advisory

    The Middle School Advisory program is an integral part of the Middle School. Each advisor is connected with a group of 10-11 students who meet each school day. The advisor serves as an advocate for his/her advisees, providing guidance and general concern, and helping students recognize they are important members of the Middle School. Through Advisory, students develop a sense of community with their peers and their teachers, participating in group-building activities both on and off campus. The advisor also serves as the main liaison between the school and home.
  • Middle School Clubs and Activities

    Middle School students can expand their horizons, enrich current skills, and make new friends by participating in some of the many activities provided during and after the school day. These opportunities vary each year depending on interest. Examples of current offerings are Chess Club, Book Club, W.O.W. Broadcast Journalism Club, and a Middle School drama production. Other special events are programmed by student, paren  and faculty leaders. These may include outings such as ice skating, community service projects or bike trips.
  • Morning Assembly

    Morning Assembly in the Middle School provides a time for community and the opportunity for students and faculty to make announcements in front of their peers, recognizing student accomplishments and publicizing upcoming events and programs.

    Each morning students, faculty and staff "START" by gathering in Webb's Bishop Center. Everyone stands to recite the Webb Middle School Pledge:

    "Today I will accept the opportunity to grow in mind, body and spirit. I will challenge myself to:

    Strive for excellence;
    Touch lives through service;
    Act with integrity and self-control;
    Respect myself, my friends and others;
    Take responsibility for my decisions.

    "We Excel and Burn Brighter!"
    Morning Assembly is led by an eighth-grade student.  The student leads the community in the Pledge of Allegiance and the START pledge, and he/she coordinates daily announcements.  Each assembly concludes with a “quote of the day” chosen by the eighth grade leader.
  • Service Learning

    Committed to Webb School's ideal that helping others is true leadership, Webb Middle School students are encouraged to address the needs of their school, the greater Knoxville community, and our global society through numerous service learning opportunities.
    At school, students collect items to be donated, mentor other students, or keep the facilities tidy. In the Knoxville community, the Middle School has fostered ongoing partnerships with numerous charitable organizations, assisted living centers, nursing homes, and environmental groups, empowering students to directly touch the lives of others. In recent years, students have initiated efforts to help citizens of far off nations in Africa and the Middle East.
  • Student Exchange Program

    Every year, Webb Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange program with the Colegio Interamericano
    a bilingual middle school in Guatemala City. This student exchange enables students from both schools to learn about and get acquainted with each country's culture, traditions, history and government, and to foster new friendships along the way. Students attend regular classes at their host school and stay with host families.

    Webb's Middle School hosts a delegation of 10-12 Guatemalan students and teachers in the fall, and then in February, a delegation of Webb students and teacher chaperones travel to Guatemala to stay with host families, attend classes at Colegio Interamericano and explore the local culture. The duration of each trip is about 10 days. Students must go through an application process whether they want to host a student from Guatemala or to be a delegate to Colegio Interamericano. More information is available at Back-to-School night in August.

    Webb's Middle School hosts a delegation of 10 to 15 El Salvadoran students and teachers in the fall, and then in the winter, a delegation of Webb students and teacher chaperones travel to San Salvador, El Salvador. The duration of each trip is about 10 days.
    Students must go through an application process whether they want to host a student from El Salvador or to be a delegate to La Escuela Americana.

    Click HERE for the El Salvador Exchange information page.