Lower School | Pre-K–5

Webb School of Knoxville's commitment to excellence is unparalleled, and our wise guidance ensures that your child is known. Our personalized approach to educating students inspires them to discover their full potential in an environment that celebrates their individual strengths, and promotes a community of learners.
Webb's Lower School academic program is designed to prepare students to be able to enjoy and take advantage of educational opportunities in the future. The program strives to achieve balance between the rigorous demands of a highly competitive college preparatory institution and the needs of children to celebrate the wonders of childhood and all that one’s childhood might encompass. Major subjects include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, music, art, computer, library, and physical education.

The Lower School curriculum addresses the needs of the whole child. It includes intellectual, social/emotional, aesthetic/creative, physical, and ethical development. Teachers combine their knowledge with students’ special interests to promote an academically stimulating environment. Opportunities are available for individual and collaborative experiences. Skills are learned in the context of purposeful activities rather than in isolation. Lasting friendships are forged through multi-age initiatives like FAMILIES and Reading Buddies, which also promote respect and provide strong role models within our community of learners.

In addition to the range and depth of our program offerings, we strive to foster a strong school-family connection. Children, parents, teachers, and staff work to create an environment where children not only develop academic success, but also confidence, personal responsibility, leadership, and integrity. They leave the Lower School wonderfully prepared to begin the next stage of their academic journey.

Our Lower School Administration

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