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College Counseling Pathways

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And, we can’t wait to partner with you on this incredible journey in finding the perfect match. There are more than 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States, so there are a lot of possibilities. Our college counseling staff enthusiastically embraces the opportunity to guide you through the process. From research to application to financial affordability to acceptance – we will be with you every step of the way.

College Counseling Pathways Mission

We believe that the college application process can be a gratifying and rewarding growth experience; so our goal is to provide each student with the support they need while encouraging and challenging them to explore and embrace their own strengths, thoughts, and dreams.

The Pathways Program Progression

8th Grade

Eighth graders are introduced to Upper School expectations and experiences through classroom-based activities and assessments in the spring semester.

Students learn more about themselves through a Strengths Assessment and how to apply their talents and skills to success in high school.

9th Grade

Freshman year is focused on exploring new academic and extracurricular experiences, and building a strong foundation upon which their high school experience will grow in the coming years.

Students participate in our annual College Fair, take the PSAT for the first time, and complete a career assessment survey to brainstorm for future pathways of work and study.

10th Grade

Sophomores increase their academic rigor and community leadership, while also expanding their understanding of their college choices and the admission processes ahead.

Students participate in an Admission Application Case Study, where they learn about the complexities of an application and an admission outcome. They also take a practice ACT in addition to the PSAT, and attend the school's annual College Fair.

11th Grade

Junior year focuses on personal identity building. Each student explores various institutions based on desired characteristics for a complementary campus culture.

Juniors begin the formal college counseling process with self-reflection exercises to identify what factors they want to consider in their search and application stages. Essay, scholarship, and admission workshops help students prepare for the course ahead. They also take advantage of personal planning meetings with the counseling team.

12th Grade

Senior year is the capstone of the college selection and application process, where we solidify the student’s story of growth and accomplishments in preparation for the transition to college.

Seniors meet with visiting admission representatives and have individual meetings with college counselors for guidance in ensuring that all the details of the college application process are completed. The College Counseling Office hosts a Reflection Workshop for seniors, where recent Webb graduates share their experiences about their transition to college and provide perspectives on life after Webb School.

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Brian Beckley

Director of College Counseling

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Associate Director of College Counseling

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College Counselor & Pathways Coordinator

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College Counseling Office Manager

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