At a Glance

At Webb, we believe that students should be given challenging, meaningful and diverse opportunities to discover and explore their passions, both in the traditional classroom setting and through extracurricular experiences. As they discover their passions, they realize their potential. Our job is to inspire and encourage them on this journey.

Webb School at a Glance

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  • Type of School

    Webb School is a Pre-K-12, independent, coeducational day school located in West Knoxville.
  • Current Enrollment

    School enrollment for the 2018-2019 academic year is 1,016 students.

    • Lower School (Grades Pre-K-5) – 288 students
    • Middle School (Grades 6-8) – 267 students
    • Upper School (Grades 9-12) – 461 students
  • Student Performance for 2018-2019

    National Merit Semifinalists - 8
    Commended Students - 9

    In 2018, 225 Webb students took at total of 547 AP Exams and scored 3 or higher on 85 percent of those exams. This included 102 scores of 5 and 167 scores of 4
  • College Admissions

    Webb’s Class of 2018 had 100% college placement; all 125 graduates were extended 457 offers of admission to 132 different colleges and universities, and received more than $13 million in scholarship offers.
  • Student/Faculty Ratio

  • Class Size

    The average size of a Lower School class is 21 students led by two teachers. Classes in the Middle School average about 18 students. In the Upper School, classes range between 14-17 students.
  • Our Campus

    The Webb School of Knoxville campus encompasses 110-plus acres. There are seven main buildings that are located around the 25-acre academic village that is situated in the middle of the campus. Those structures house the academic classrooms and laboratories, visual and performing arts areas, libraries, indoor athletic facilities, administrative offices, cafeterias, nursing office, and other ancillary services.

    Beyond the indoor facilities, Webb’s campus offers a football stadium and turf field; softball, baseball, and soccer fields; an all-weather 400-meter track; tennis courts; an outdoor swimming pool; additional practice fields; and an outdoor education facility.
  • Athletics

    Webb School offers more than 60 teams in 27 (13 boys, 14 girls) different interscholastic Middle and Upper School sports.
  • Arts

    Webb offers both visual and performing arts programs throughout the Pre-K-12 spectrum. The Upper School alone offers more than 30 arts courses.
  • Financial Aid & Tuition Remission

    Webb School awarded $2.3 million in financial aid in 2018. That aid was distributed among approximately 205 students with grants ranging from $1,000 to $18,700.
  • Technology

    Webb School embraces the vital and ever-expanding role of technology in enhancing the learning environment of its students. The school has adopted a 1:1 technology program that utilizes computer technology in developmentally appropriate ways, capitalizing on the creative multimedia capabilities of the iPad for younger students and the flexibility of laptops in the high school. While iPads are made available to share in Pre-K through third grade classrooms, every student in grades four through eight carries and uses a 9.7” iPad Pro. Students in grades 9-12 are furnished with a MacBook Air laptop.
    Additionally, each classroom is equipped with an interactive video board, and desktop computers are available, campus-wide, for student use. Almost all of the Upper and Middle School texts being used by Webb students are electronic.