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Sports Broadcasting

The Webb School experience embodies more than outstanding academics. Our students actively participate and take on leadership roles in extracurricular activities, community service, athletics, the arts, international programs and more.

Sports Broadcasting

The W.O.W. Network Sports Broadcasting Club strives to give students a chance to work in an area of athletics and technology that interests them the most, and builds leaders with school pride and professionalism. Students may have significant knowledge of a sport or it may be minimal. Also, students may be able to only work as a WOW’er in certain sports season depending on other obligations.

Three areas in which our Sports Broadcasters participate:

  • P.A. Announcing: Our students' voices are heard over the speakers at the field or gym so that the audience/the fans know what has just happened. Knowledge of the sport is preferred, but if it’s minimal, students are trained in this area rather quickly. If participants do not want to speak, they can also be a “spotter” (helping the announcer spot who made tackles or other plays).
  • W.O.W. Network Broadcasting: Now in its 11th year, W.O.W. stands for “Webb on the Web,” and this area usually requires solid knowledge of the sport as students actually broadcast events live via a video webcast on the internet. Training is provided, headsets with microphones are worn, and sometimes interviews with players or coaches are conducted pre-game or post-game. Sideline reporters wear wireless earpieces for communication. We also have Statisticians.
  • Tech-Crew: This component of our team is vitally important even though most of the work occurs behind the scenes. There are opportunities to work with video cameras (the video feed for broadcasts), sound boards, video mixers (which switch between different cameras for broadcasts), and computers/overlays (which stream the game to the Internet, keeping the score and stats on the video scoreboard, playing commercials, and much more).
Señor Doug Bright, Middle School Spanish teacher, is the faculty coordinator for the Spartan Sports Broadcasting Team and the W.O.W. Network.

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