Starting in August, 2011, Webb School will require all 4th through 12th graders to attend classes with an iPad.

We have been exploring the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning at our school for many years and have decided that now is the time for us to implement our own one-to-one program.

While the idea of one-to-one technology programs at educational institutions is not new, we believe that giving students immediate access to technology will help engage them in the learning process in new and creative ways.
We chose the iPad because it is:
  • a device that could be a replacement for paper textbooks
  • a common tool for each student that would meet most of their day to day technology needs and that would help engage students in learning 24/7
  • a device that would be easy to use and easy to support
  • a leveler that will allow students equal access to Apps that are both user friendly and cost effective