The Webb Middle School offers an inspiring and engaging program that supports the overall growth of each student. The developmentally responsive program is strategically designed to meet the needs of early adolescents. It puts the student at the center of the learning and recognizes that intellectual growth is only one of the main objectives during the middle grade years.
The Middle School is a dynamic community of learners, educators and parents. It is anchored by an advisory program dedicated to ensuring that every adolescent has an adult responsible for the student’s overall development. Additionally, the advisory program facilitates a strong partnership between parents and educators in an effort to provide cohesive support for our students.
The faculty is organized into grade level teams that work to develop engaging learning opportunities and interdisciplinary units where young students see connections between disciplines. The curriculum focuses on skill development, critical thinking, and analytical skills that allow students to apply previously held knowledge.
Learning extends beyond the classroom walls through community service projects, extracurricular activities, and weeklong class trips. Character development and leadership opportunities are part of the daily fabric of Webb.
Pillars of the Middle School program include:
  • innovative faculty who create an engaging learning environment
  • academic program that appropriately challenges a variety of learners
  • classes that average less than 20 students allow for more individualized instruction
  • small group work that promotes collaboration and communication
  • indoor and outdoor learning spaces designed to support the needs of middle school aged children
  • one-to-one iPad program that allows students to learn the skills necessary for efficient, safe, and productive technology use
  • athletic program that provides for a variety of individual and team opportunities and stresses sportsmanship as much as skill and team development
  • commitment to teaching students that it is always the right time to do the right thing
Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade