Webb believes that the quality of life outside the classroom is very important in shaping the overall educational experience of each student. With this in mind, Webb offers a broad range of clubs and activities.  Student and faculty interests typically dictate these offerings.  Most activity groups remain a constant in the upper school program, while some come and go depending on the interest level of the participants.  The scheduled Club and Activity Fair at the end of August allows our students to gather information about current offerings; as well as set the wheels in motion for creating new interest groups.  As a matter of protocol, the Student Government Association must approve all official clubs and activities.
As students take advantage of the broad co-curricular program, they learn about the time commitment necessary to participate in a club or advocacy group. With the help of their advisors and teachers, students can hopefully make responsible and productive choices in pursuing their own learning outside the classroom.  Through their involvement outside the classroom, students become connected to the life of Webb.  These connections enhance the quality of their lives and often contribute to their success inside the classroom.
Included below is a list of the most current clubs with a brief description.  Meeting reminders are often made through the daily announcements that are offered in chapel each day.  Students are encouraged to visit with a faculty sponsor if they are in search of further information about a particular club or activity.

If you have any general questions regarding the clubs and activity program, please contact Rob Costante, Assistant Head, at rob_costante@webbschool.org.
Asian Club
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Chess Club
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Climbing Team
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Composting/Gardening Club
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Cooking Club
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Debate Club
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Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Main Objective:  To provide opportunities for student-athletes to understand the power of spirituality through Christ in their life.  It is a non-denominational ministry.  You do not have to be an athlete to participate.
Student-athletes coming together to sing, play games and hear testimonies from outside speakers as well as some of students and faculty at Webb.  They are typically athletes, coaches and FCA leaders in the area, but not limited to that group only.  Also, the FCA group tries to offer a post-game activity connected with at least one fall, winter and spring athletic game.

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Ultimate Frisbee Club
Ultimate is a club that meets once a week from 4 to 5 p.m. in the fall and is open to any Upper School student of any skill level.  A non-contact, fast-moving team sport played on one of our soccer fields, Ultimate players referee their own games.  Club members are not required to show up for every game—teams are created according to who is there on any given week.  It’s a blast.
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