10th Anniversary: Welcome to Webb on the Webb, the W.O.W. Network, broadcasting Spartan athletics on the Internet since 2005

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Upper School:

Doug Bright: Faculty Coordinator and Director

Brandon Bradbury: tech crew
Isaac Bradbury: tech crew
Ben Chapman: tech crew
Kelsey Copeland: chief videographer & announcer
Samuel Copeland: tech and sound engineer, stage manager
Peyton Gallaher: broadcaster
Jesse Goodwin: PA announcer, broadcaster
Ron Gratz: analyst emeritus; former head coach
Alexis Hartwig: sideline reporter
Elizabeth Hethmon: tech crew
Kiran Hussaini: sideline reporter
Jack King: broadcaster
Larry Marion: broadcaster, chief statistician
Kate Partridge: stage manager, PA announcer
Myan Patel: broadcaster
Graham Rogers: PA
Frank Romano: WOW
Justin Scarlett: PA announcer, broadcaster
Jordan Shamiyeh
Grant Shen: tech crew
Luke Trotter: broadcaster
Miller Tucker: tech crew
Sanchit Wadawahan: tech crew
Russell Wilder: PA Announcer
Cooper Wilson: tech crew
Anna Wisniewski-sideline reporter
Jake Yount: broadcaster

Cathy Dowhos-O’Gorman: public relations
Jim Manikas: Director of Technology
Jordan Wormsley: Webmaster

Middle School:

Doug Bright: Faculty Coordinator and Director
Tommie Sue Kiggans: Technical support
Clark Wormsley: Quality Control Inspector

Andrew Behling: tech crew
Brooklyn Benson: tech crew
Ben Ceane: tech crew
Harrison Darby: PA
Christian Etherson: tech crew
Lucas Farr: tech crew
Kyle Fletcher: tech crew, PA, WOW
Adrian Gellert: tech crew
Jacob Hale: tech crew
Tanner Houston: tech crew
Parker Irish: tech crew
Jane Kelly: tech crew
Cole Kraus: tech crew
Jake Loveday:tech crew
Rand McKinney: tech crew
Jonathan Oates: tech crew
Jack O'Gorman: PA
Henry Partridge: tech crew
Tyler Reed: tech crew
Peter Schaefer: WOW, PA
Fern Schweiger: tech crew
Lillie Schweitzer: tech crew
Shiva Senthilkumar
Langston Shellist: WOW, PA
Cole Strickland: PA
Tanner Sykes: tech crew, PA
Parth Tailor: tech crew
Lily Grace Thome: sideline reporter
Maggie Tipton: tech crew
Kate Whitcomb: tech crew
Ansel Wilder: PA, tech crew
Marcel Wilder: WOW, Stats
Alex Yu: tech crew

Sponsors and Supporters:

DuoFast of Knoxville
The Shrimp Dock
Beam DVD with Barry Byrd
Past Staff and Supporters:

Rajat Agarwal-broadcaster; Aftyn Behn-interviewer, sideline reporter; Wade Blair-broadcaster; Kelsey Brown-broadcaster; Chris Carroll-statistician; Sara Daley- PA announcer, sideline reporter; Boomer Dangel-broadcaster; Rem de Rohan-PA announcer; Judy Eastwood-quality control specialist; Matt Gigliotti-broadcaster; Frank Goswitz-broadcaster; Charlie Graham-broadcaster Mary Kate Heagerty: PA announcer, sideline reporter; Andy Higley-broadcaster; Mike Keel-chief statistician, in memoriam; Will Lauver-broadcaster; Greer Mackebee-announcer; Grant Milner-broadcaster; M.J. McKinley-spotter emeritus; Michael McKenzie-statistician; Nick McCarley-coach and analyst; Ben Nelson-equipment donation; Susan Nelson-equipment donation; Andy Pope-pre-game host; Andrew Robinson-broadcaster Eli Robinson-broadcaster; Pace Robinson-broadcaster; Susan Smith-Development; Meg Tucker-sideline reporter; Kensi Wieland: PA announcer, sideline reporter Kelly Wood-PA announcer

W.O.W. of FAME

Rem de Rohan, inducted 2011
Ron Gratz, inducted 2012
Greer Mackebee, inducted 2013
Jeffrey Johnson, inducted 2014
Johnson Family/DuoFast, inducted 2014
W.O.W. Broadcast Announcements
BASKETBALL, FRI, DEC 5, 6:00 PM: Webb vs. C.A.K.
Join the W.O.W. Network broadcast team for varsity basketball action and the "Dutchtown Showdown" as the Webb School Spartans host the Christian Academy Warriors in the Lee Athletic Center.  Tip-off for the girls' varsity game is set for 6:00 PM with the boys' game set to follow at approximately 7:30 PM. The Shrimpdock Sidecourt Show will air 5-10 minutes prior to each game. Mobile viewing is also available via the NFHS Network app.

FOOTBALL: THURS. DEC 4, 3:00 PM CST/4:00 EST - Webb vs. B.G.A
Join the W.O.W. Network broadcast team for football action and the TSSAA Division II-A State Championship Game as the Webb School Spartans play the Battle Ground Academy Wildcats at Cookeville, TN in the Blue Cross Bowl. Kickoff is set for 3:00 PM CST/4:00 EST.  This game will brought to you on-line by TSSAA and the NFHS Network. Mobile viewing is also available via the NFHS Network app.  For live television coverage, visit the folowing web-site for broadcast information throughout Tennessee: http://tssaa.org/bluecross-bowl-tv-coverage/

MS BASKETBALL, TUES. DEC. 2, 4:30 PM: Webb vs. C.A.K.
Join the Middle School W.O.W. Network broadcast team as the Spartans host C.A.K. in the Lee Athletic Center.  Three games are on the schedule: Boys B-team, Girls A-team, Boys A-team.  First game is set to begin at 4:30 PM, with the 2nd and 3rd games set for tip-off at approximately 5:30 and 6:30 PM.  Mobile viewing is also available via the downloadable NFHS Network app.