10th Anniversary: Welcome to Webb on the Webb, the W.O.W. Network, broadcasting Spartan athletics on the Internet since 2005

View Webb's W.O.W. Network in action on a special Local 8 News WVLT-TV report:

Video Courtesy of WVLT-TV Local 8 News

If you have questions about our broadcasts on the W.O.W. Network, please contact Doug Bright at:


Upper School:

Doug Bright: Faculty Coordinator and Director

Brandon Bradbury: tech crew
Isaac Bradbury: tech crew
Palmer Bradshaw: broadcaster
Kyle Fletcher: tech crew, broadcaster
Peyton Gallaher: broadcaster
Jesse Goodwin: PA announcer, broadcaster
Ron Gratz: analyst emeritus; former head coach
Jacob Hale: tech crew
Alexis Hartwig: sideline reporter
Elizabeth Hethmon: tech crew
Kiran Hussaini: sideline reporter
Parker Irish: tech crew
Jack King: broadcaster
Larry Marion: broadcaster, chief statistician
Jonathan Oates: broadcaster
Kate Partridge: stage manager, PA announcer
Myan Patel: broadcaster
Justin Scarlett: PA announcer, broadcaster
Shiva Senthilkumar: broadcaster
Jordan Shamiyeh: tech crew
Langston Shellist: tech crew
Parth Tailor: PA Announcer
Luke Trotter: broadcaster
Miller Tucker: tech crew
Marcel Wilder: broadcaster, stats
Russell Wilder: PA Announcer
Cooper Wilson: tech crew
Anna Wisniewski-sideline reporter
Jake Yount: broadcaster

Cathy Dowhos-O’Gorman: public relations
Jim Manikas: Director of Technology
Jordan Wormsley: Webmaster

Middle School:

Doug Bright: Faculty Coordinator and Director
Tommie Sue Kiggans: Technical support
Clark Wormsley: Quality Control Inspector

Andrew Behling: tech crew
Brooklyn Benson: tech crew
Jackson Burns
Ben Ceane: tech crew
Harrison Darby: PA
Lucas Farr: tech crew
Adrian Gellert: tech crew
Ben Hatmaker
Tanner Houston: tech crew
Devlin Jenkins
Jane Kelly: tech crew
Cole Kraus: tech crew
Molly Livingston
Jake Loveday:tech crew
O.V. Manolache
Rand McKinney: tech crew
Jack O'Gorman: PA
Henry Partridge: tech crew
Tyler Reed: tech crew
Caitlin Reynolds
Triv Reynolds
Fern Schweiger: tech crew
Charissa Seals
Ben Smith
Walker Smith: tech crew
Cole Strickland: PA
Tanner Sykes: tech crew, PA
Lily Grace Thome: sideline reporter
Maggie Tipton: tech crew
Kate Whitcomb: tech crew
Ansel Wilder: PA, tech crew
Meryl Ye: tech crew
Alex Yu: tech crew

Sponsors and Supporters:

DuoFast of Knoxville
The Shrimp Dock
Beam DVD with Barry Byrd
Past Staff and Supporters:

Rajat Agarwal-broadcaster; Aftyn Behn-interviewer, sideline reporter; Wade Blair-broadcaster; Kelsey Brown-broadcaster; Ben Chapman: tech crew; Chris Carroll-statistician; Kelsey Copeland: chief videographer & announcer; Samuel Copeland: tech and sound engineer, stage manager; Sara Daley- PA announcer, sideline reporter; Boomer Dangel-broadcaster; Rem de Rohan-PA announcer; Judy Eastwood-quality control specialist; Matt Gigliotti-broadcaster; Frank Goswitz-broadcaster; Charlie Graham-broadcaster Mary Kate Heagerty: PA announcer, sideline reporter; Andy Higley-broadcaster; Mike Keel-chief statistician, in memoriam; Will Lauver-broadcaster; Greer Mackebee-announcer; Grant Milner-broadcaster; M.J. McKinley-spotter emeritus; Michael McKenzie-statistician; Nick McCarley-coach and analyst; Ben Nelson-equipment donation; Susan Nelson-equipment donation; Andy Pope-pre-game host; Andrew Robinson-broadcaster Eli Robinson-broadcaster; Pace Robinson-broadcaster; Graham Rogers: PA; Frank Romano: broadcaster; Grant Shen: tech crew; Susan Smith-Development; Meg Tucker-sideline reporter; Kensi Wieland: PA announcer, sideline reporter Kelly Wood-PA announcer

W.O.W. of FAME

Rem de Rohan, inducted 2011
Ron Gratz, inducted 2012
Greer Mackebee, inducted 2013
Jeffrey Johnson, inducted 2014
Johnson Family/DuoFast, inducted 2014

W.O.W. Broadcast Announcements
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