Tuition Info & Financing

• K - 5: $12,700 plus $225 book fee and $680 lunch fee

• 6 - 12: $14,620 plus $680 book fee

Tuition deposit: $1,000

Webb School is committed to admitting qualified students regardless of a family's ability to pay the full cost of education. All financial aid awards are based on a family's demonstrated need and they are made available to students at any grade level. In order to assess a family's financial need, the school will request specific information, including the previous year's Federal Tax Return with all attachments, W-2s, and a Parent's Financial Statement (PFS). This PFS is a part of a system called the School and Student Services for Financial Aid which is used by many independent schools, including Webb.

All current families applying for financial aid for the first time should contact the Office of Admission in November at 865-291-3830 to request an application for the following school year. The financial aid application is done concurrently with the admissions application. Families receiving aid must submit an application each year. The school will make awards in the spring based upon the evaluation by the School and Student Services for Financial Aid as well as our own analysis of the data submitted.